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Barely Registered

This app makes use of gamification to get prospective students interested in higher education. The app constructs a persona based on players' responses to a quiz. The responses from the quiz assigns characteristics, from which persona attributes are then derived. Players are then able to use their persona's to battle other professions. 

Crime Stalker

We live in the dark, to server the light. We are Crime Stalker.
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Sky Observer

Crime can be the result of different negative behaviours, such as heavy drinking, drugs, accidents, etc. Our website will display user-selected layers on top of each others over Victoria map to shed some light into the connection between crime and other behaviours.

Basic layers include accidents, drug use, various crime type. If an area has a higher density of incidents, it may indicate that something needs to be done in that area.

Data usage: Victoria suburb boundaries dataset, Vicroads accident dataset, crime dataset.

A Patent to the past

Cats in the Hats
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Cats in the Hats




Ballarat Minute

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This year the City of Ballarat is looking at ways that data can help them achieve their '10 Minute City' strategic vision.

From "Today Tomorrow Together - The Ballarat Strategy":


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Ballafornia Dreaming

Places change, always. The way they look, the way they feel, and the way we use them, remember them and imagine them.  What we value about a place changes too. What’s important today, was not so important yesterday. Who knows what will be important tomorrow?

But, what if your memories could last forever?  What if the value you see in a place could be seen by everyone else?  What if your places became our places?

TimeCapsule does this by creating a contemporary historical record, generated by citizens, used over generations.

Australia Local Story Map

Australia Local Story Map
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We're Rstar, Ye and WenYan.

10 Minute City Planr

10 minute city planner app logo
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Ballarat Hackerspace Beta

Ballarat 10 Minute Planr


What is it?

The Ballarat 10 Minute Planr is an app that lets you visualise the vision of Ballarat as a 10 minute city - that is, being able to travel to essential services within 10 minutes. The current vision is enabled through driving, however the vision is to support 10 minutes by walking, riding, and public transport.

Who are you?

We are Brett James, Josh Stewart, and Robert Layton from the Ballarat Hackerspace.

What is that?

#bhack - We Can Help

We Can Help
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Ballarat Hackerspace

Project Page - We Can Help


Our team is the Ballarat Hackerspace. It consists of Ian, Brett, Scott and Matt. 

New Zealand and Australians are renowned for pulling together and supporting others in times of natural disaster. Our framework "We Can Help" aims to provide a unified mechanism -  for both coordinating volunteers as a resource coordinator as well as providing an application for the public to nominate themselves as a volunteer.

How it works

Citizen Culture & Heritage: Lest We Forget

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People have a lot of cultural knowledge. We need tools that reveal the many values of cultural assets, that allow people to contribute cultural data to knowledge repositories, and allow crowdsourced validation, cleaning and linking disparate datasets.

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