GovHack 2015 Projects

Image Project Namesort descending Team Name Url Video URL Local Event/Region
Synergy City 2015 Logo SynergyCity SynergyCity Homepage WA/Perth
#AdoptADigger gErin Homepage NSW/Sydney
Impact Logo #AnImpact ArctroYouth Homepage ACT/Canberra
#asafertrip #asafertrip Intrepid Audio Geographers Homepage NSW/Sydney
We Can Help #bhack - We Can Help Ballarat Hackerspace Homepage Ballarat
box #Caritas A Family AffairYouth Homepage ACT/Canberra
#Geelong2065 Hackosaurus Rex Geelong
#oncountry links you to an interactive map of national indigenous stories #oncountry #oncountry Homepage WA/Perth
#OutsideToday Orange Homepage Toowoomba
Predicting Australia's future infrastructure needs #SchoolOfRock School of Rock Homepage NSW/Sydney
truflr #truflr W-intec Homepage Adelaide -<OO? TransASDFG Homepage Tasmania
10 minute city planner app logo 10 Minute City Planr Ballarat Hackerspace Beta Homepage Ballarat
elephant mural in Toowoomba 50 Shades of Mural Art Critiques Toowoomba
Cats in the Hats A Patent to the past Cats in the Hats Homepage Ballarat
ABC Stories ABC Story Mapper Homepage Melbourne
AboutOz caffeinate me Homepage WA/Perth
Adelaide's Attractions The Nexgen Musketeers Youth Mount Gambier
 Affordably Logo Affordably XYW Homepage Victoria
AGORpedia AGORpedia Homepage Melbourne
Air Compare PatchYouth ACT/Canberra
 Air-Conditioner Locations Airconditioner Efficiency AC Mapper Homepage Melbourne
AirCondor Team GoshAwks Homepage Tasmania
en pleine air AirRankings ASDFG Homepage Tasmania
doge The Superbians Homepage NSW/Sydney
Anagennao WhatamelonYouth Homepage Brisbane
Anemu Whatamelon Homepage Brisbane
Anzacs and Soldiers from the Indian Subcontinent PerKutty Homepage NSW/Sydney
ANZhACks Hackasaurus Wrecks ACT/Canberra
AR-POI GovHack Placemarker Concept AR-POI HypEarth Homepage Adelaide
Are you Road Safe? Wyndev Homepage Geelong
Arty logo Arty ASDFG Homepage Tasmania
AUSDigital AUSDigital Homepage Gold Coast
AusEd AusEd Nexus_is_backYouth Homepage Mount Gambier
Ausiness TAL 9000 Homepage Gold Coast
AusQuakes AusQuakes AusQuakes Homepage NSW/Sydney
logo Austat Final Initial Solutions Homepage ACT/Canberra AusTrails Homepage Melbourne
Australia Local Story Map Australia Local Story Map RStar Homepage Ballarat
Heart with chart Australia's Economic Heartbeat The Tell-Tale Hearts Homepage Melbourne
Australian Indigenous statistic Infograph Mordikye.HackYouth Homepage Playford
clock Ballarat Minute pavrsoft Homepage Ballarat
Business Analytics Map - data to decisions for policy and investment BAM (Business Analytics Maps) mmmapshacks Adelaide
Banana Baron GovHack 2015 Banana Baron Banana Barons Brisbane
BCCNav Estbay Eamtay Homepage Brisbane
BiblioFile BiblioFile Homepage Adelaide
Bike Safe Logo Bike Safe Luke & JoshYouth Homepage Playford
All 'bout them Monashes Bill Shock Ode To CodeYouth ACT/Canberra
Bridge the Ditch Bridge the Ditch Data Vizards Homepage ACT/Canberra
BRing - The Broadcasting Ring BRing Full Circle Tasmania
BrisAccess BrisAccess Whatamelon Homepage Brisbane
Image of BASR Website Brisbane Area Suburb Review - BASR Sleepy Whatamelon {JSON} Homepage Brisbane
Brisbane Bus Monitor SmartCodeWorks Homepage Brisbane
Brisvegas Estate project icon Brisvegas Estate Rusty hack skills Homepage Brisbane
Building Chocks of Tasmania Chocolate Moulding Dept., Hobart Hackespace Tasmania
Burb Wars punching glove image Burb Wars! Zac Plus! Homepage Adelaide
Bureau Whanganui Email doppleganger Homepage New Zealand
Bus About Bus About Bus About Homepage WA/Perth
Manly Squirrels Can you afford to speed Manly Squirrels Homepage Camperdown
Sting like a tracker hacker Car safety tracker hackers Youth Onkaparinga
Heart with a heart rate monitor in the middle Care Factors Social Hackers Homepage NSW/Sydney
Cemetery Search Information New Zealand Vandelay Enterprises Homepage Http:// New Zealand
Charitable mapping Sleepless in Sydney Homepage NSW/Sydney
CharityConnect SilentHackers Homepage NSW/Sydney
CharityFinder (an image of a plant being held by a hand under a magnifying glass) CharityFinder - A Charitable Project NullReference Homepage ACT/Canberra
Chinese Population Dot Map of Australia Monash City Science Homepage Melbourne
Citizen Culture & Heritage: Lest We Forget Technogesic Homepage Ballarat
City Outdoors City Outdoors OutsideInYouth Mount Gambier
ClearGov Team Null NSW/Sydney
Collections of WW1 thepenguins Homepage NSW/Sydney
CommuniMe CommuniMe Homepage New Zealand
community compass logo Community Compass Community Builders Homepage NSW/Sydney
Spade in the mud. Community Response River Hacktivists Homepage New Zealand
Compare all the things! Sleep? Homepage Adelaide Consensus YakkityHacks Homepage Brisbane
Cooee Cooee Team Cooee Homepage Melbourne
Cordial by J4 Cordial J4 Homepage Gold Coast
Crash Story Crash Story Hugh Evans Homepage ACT/Canberra
Crashr BBW New Zealand
crime sheep Crime Sheep Sandpit Ninjas Homepage New Zealand
We live in the dark, to server the light. We are Crime Stalker. Crime Stalker Sky Observer Ballarat
Current Triple R Homepage Melbourne
Cute or the Boot logo Cute or the Boot? The Royal Sir Donald Bradman Institute of Patriotic Technology/Mateship™ Homepage NSW/Sydney
CycleCare Cycle Care TidBitYouth Homepage ACT/Canberra
team logo DataDecks Arcton Homepage New Zealand
pink gum stuck to the bottom of a sneaker datagum datagum Homepage WA/Perth
DataOnTheStreets J MashYouth Homepage Melbourne
Great Barrier Reef Coral Bleaching Davies Reef Coral Bleaching Temperature Predictions Great Barrier Reefers NSW/Sydney
Hackasaurus Wrecks Death and taxes Hackasaurus Wrecks ACT/Canberra
Did you know? Furious George Homepage Adelaide
Team Hactory, Digital Accelerator Digital Accelerator Hub Hactory Homepage Adelaide
Disaster Master Logo Disaster Master Data NerdsYouth Homepage ACT/Canberra
Disasters Warning Service for Australian Transportation The Four Homepage Melbourne
Dogs Unleashed - A guide for dogs and their owners Dogs Unleashed Dogs Unleashed Homepage Sunshine Coast
Drains & Dragons Drains and Dragons Drains and Dragons Homepage Tasmania
DRIVE - Driving on Road Information for Vehicles ElectronicallyEYouth Homepage Playford
Drive Safe Drive Safe WYSIWYGYouth Homepage Gold Coast
Easy Tracks South Yarra Folks Homepage Melbourne
Economics360 SilentHackers NSW/Sydney
Ecovalia Game Torange Juice Homepage Adelaide
Emergency KitApp Oceans Homepage Gold Coast
emPOWERed neighbours OpenEnergy Homepage WA/Perth
Napoleon Riding a Motorcycle Energy Informant Regular Endian Homepage ACT/Canberra
Eureka Melbourne Eureka Melbourne Team Eureka Melbourne Homepage Melbourne
Exerceo Logo Exerceo Whatamelon Homepage Brisbane
Your ticket to fun in Canberra ExploreCBR Alcon UnitedYouth Homepage ACT/Canberra
Indigenous flag puzzle Exploring Indigenous Culture Three Letter Names Homepage Melbourne
Expose-Lit Tim Homepage Toowoomba
EZRego - Taking the pain out of buy and selling cars. EZRego EZRego Homepage Melbourne
Fact Fuelled Guardians of the GovHack Homepage NSW/Sydney
Farty Car Logo Farty Cars Computergirl Homepage Adelaide
Fill the Gap Fill the Gap Homepage New Zealand
Find My New Zealand Find My New Zealand Team New Life Homepage New Zealand
Mac Computer with Find My Service Person Homepage Find My Service Person War Are They Now Homepage Melbourne
Fire and Water Australia Fire and Water Australia Homepage Camperdown
FireSA AT²Youth Homepage Onkaparinga
Flagder logo Flagder Flagder New Zealand
Flux Capacity Flux Residue Homepage WA/Perth
food rate new Zealand wanganui food rating Homepage New Zealand
For King and Countree For King and Countree BOLDYouth Homepage Playford
Forage Index ALL The Things!Youth WA/Perth
Gate5A - School Stories Gate5A Homepage New Zealand
Gate5B - Tourism BizKit Gate 5B Homepage New Zealand
GDP Data Projection Settlers Redux Homepage Tasmania
Virtual Geelong Geelong VR NBT Homepage Geelong
Screenshot of Gender Eqaulity Gender Equality Homepage NSW/Sydney
Get Ready Hazard Busters Homepage Toowoomba
GradDivide logo GradDivide Kurt+Carla Homepage Brisbane
Greening Space Melbourne Community Nexus Homepage Melbourne
Greening Space Victoria Community Nexus Homepage Melbourne
GreenRun - May all your traffic lights be green GreenRun GreenRun Homepage Geelong
GrocerFree GrocerFree The Latecomers New Zealand
Your Guardian Angel Guardian Angel Ball is Life Homepage New Zealand
DD Logo Hack My City Data Dingoes Homepage Adelaide
HealthBuddy (Chamonix) Health Buddy Chamonix Homepage Adelaide
HealthInSites What's up doc? Homepage NSW/Sydney HeyGOV EVE Homepage Camperdown
How Often Does History Repeat Itself? History Repeats Maedi Media Homepage Tasmania
Holes in the Safety Net Indicator Safety Net Homepage Melbourne
Team Hactory, HomeShare HomeShare Hactory Homepage Adelaide
How's My Suburb? Magnitudo Brisbane
Howl Help! Howl Help Canine Rescue Pet Retrieval Homepage New Zealand
World War One http://WW1 Dads Army of one Homepage New Zealand
I-Mahere Team I Homepage New Zealand
ANZAC photos If I Were an ANZAC Kathew & Cashews Homepage Gold Coast
Hackasaurus Wrecks IGOR - an AGOR assistant Hackasaurus Wrecks ACT/Canberra
Indigenous Population Dot Map of Australia Monash City Science Homepage Melbourne
Logo Indigenous War Heroes Hack To The Future WA/Perth
Industry Check - Is it time to move on? Elephant Homepage ACT/Canberra
Invest SA CMUnity Homepage Adelaide
IoTransport Open Wifi Party Train WA/Perth
iWaRM WYSIWYGYouth Homepage Gold Coast
Team Hactory, Just Add Water Just Add Water Hactory Homepage Adelaide
Juxtapus Juxtapus Dr Tarantism Homepage ACT/Canberra
Knowconomy Knowconomy Homepage Toowoomba
Legolas Legolas Homepage New Zealand
Lest We Forget Logo Lest We Forget Studio39 Alpha Homepage Gold Coast
Lets Breed Plants & IP's IP Hacker Homepage Victoria
Library Book Finder LibHackerYouth Homepage Playford
Lighthouse Lighthouse Keepers Homepage New Zealand
Liveability Hackasaurus Rex ACT/Canberra
Liveability Index Red Spatial Homepage Brisbane
Pair of dice Loaded Dice Inequaliteam Homepage New Zealand
Local Promoter Codium Homepage Adelaide
Local Heroes LocalHeroes LocalHeroes NSW/Sydney
Lost Found Lost Found Boo Hiss Homepage Melbourne
Lungs Saint-Simon Adelaide
map all the things logo Map All The Things Boba Homepage WA/Perth
Melbourne pedestrian activity and safety Mapping Pedestrian Activities & Safety in Melbourne Monash City Science Homepage Melbourne
Mates Governmen New Zealand
Melbourne, where are we going? WHERE THE VAMPIRES Homepage Melbourne
Memory Lane Dueling Beards Tasmania
Fun match game Memory Time Game Tx2 Homepage Camperdown
Metadata Tag Extractor OPEN_xcommay Homepage Geelong
Quack Quack Mighty Ducks Stormwater Tracker Rubber Ducks Homepage Geelong
Migration Cartography maphawks Homepage Melbourne
Three dimensional purple cube with text MinAdelaide MinAdelaide MinAdelaideYouth Adelaide
Minecraft Your City Minecraft Your City Mind the App ACT/Canberra
My Money's Worth My Money's Worth Intelligent Questions Homepage Victoria
My Vote Team My Vote Homepage New Zealand
MyCity MyCity Homepage Gold Coast
MyState MyState Homepage Gold Coast
Mystery Mystery Team Homepage NSW/Sydney
Hackleberry FINN MyWorld Hackleberry Finn Homepage Melbourne
NavLights Logo NavLights Map-Hack Homepage Brisbane
Neuron - Connecting Like Minds Neuron - Connecting Like Minds Neuron NSW/Sydney
NextMove NextMove XPressioneers Adelaide
nextStep FedUni Barely Registered Ballarat
NizViz PashMash Homepage NSW/Sydney
NZ Flags! CHK New Zealand
Open Not Open D.O.O.D Homepage Melbourne
Our Local Stories Our Local Stories Homepage Melbourne
OurStory Team WC Homepage Brisbane
Owl The Owls WA/Perth
Free Parking ParcMe NVM Homepage Brisbane
Patent Finder App Hactory Homepage Adelaide Patent Trolls Homepage ACT/Canberra
Path To Safety Logo Path To Safety Community Nexus Homepage Melbourne
One tap to park, one tap to go Penny Parking !!!!! Homepage Adelaide
Phafe APP Phafe App Phafe Adelaide
Photo Hive Level 6.3 Homepage Victoria
Pick-A-Park logo Pick-A-Park Feature Creeper and the Creeps Homepage Melbourne
Pictrospective Culture Vultures Homepage NSW/Sydney
Play It Safe The Exerciting Sisters Homepage NSW/Sydney
Polar Politico Fantastico Settlers Redux Homepage Tasmania
Datagen - Data analysed by the Next generation Population Leaf DataGenYouth Adelaide
LEVEL 6.3 Postcode Battle (Liveability Index) Level 6.3 Homepage Melbourne
Postcode Battle (The Card Game) Level 6.3 Homepage Melbourne
Lightning strike Powerslide Team Powerslide Homepage New Zealand
PROJECT Bristiwa Dolphin Raiders Homepage Brisbane
Project Naya Project Naya Visionaries Homepage Brisbane
PTV Viewer Mappers Homepage Victoria
WiFi! QDWDV Datanauts Homepage Geelong
brainmap QueenslandBrainMAP_QUT QueenslandBrainMAP_QUT Homepage Brisbane
Question Crime Question Crime Homepage Melbourne
Question Time: A game of policy Question Time: A game of policy Team Executive Swivel Homepage Tasmania
Reaction - If Data Then That Knower Homepage ACT/Canberra
Remembrance Remembrance Whatamelon Homepage Brisbane
Rubber Side Up Rubber Side Up Homepage WA/Perth
SA Treasure Hunter QuackerJacks Homepage Adelaide
Safe Way 2 Go Safe Way 2 Go Hippo Creative Homepage Adelaide
SafeRoad UQ Hax0rsYouth Homepage Brisbane
SafestRoute - QR Marketing Mitch, Trent and Brian Mount Gambier
SafteyNet image of a net protecting the ground Safety Net Safety Net Homepage Melbourne
SafeWalk SafeWalk Homepage Melbourne
Samaritan Logo Samaritan Right-Click Development Homepage Brisbane
Save the Bindjulang #DigiSwag Homepage ACT/Canberra
Data analysed by the next generation School Facility Finder DatagenYouth Homepage Adelaide
Secret Suburb logo Secret Suburb BigDataBigDreams Homepage NSW/Sydney
seEnergy CMU Tartans Homepage Adelaide
SHFTR The Lord Mayors Adelaide
Red sinking ship ShipRekt ShipWreckersYouth Homepage Mount Gambier
Shipsters Data Pirates logo Shipsters Data Pirates Homepage Adelaide
Shoould I Drive? Should I Drive Should I Drive Homepage WA/Perth
Should I Stay or Should I Go? Data Dingoes Homepage Adelaide
Skill-It! Skill-It Spicy Sausage Adelaide
Smart Energy WYSIWYGYouth Homepage Gold Coast
Smartie planner Sicket Gold Coast
free energy Solar buddy Studio 39 Charlie Homepage Gold Coast
Squizzlr Lets talk about time travel Homepage Geelong
Struct GD Homepage Toowoomba
SUBURB SAFETY Suburb Safety PredatorsYouth Onkaparinga
Suburban outlook The Fourth Estate Homepage New Zealand
SuburbPlus SuburbPlus SuburbPlus Homepage New Zealand
Solar Panel Swap2Solar Swap2Solar Homepage Camperdown
Sydney Water Dashboard Sydney Water Dashboard SydneyWaterDataVis Homepage NSW/Sydney
Dashboard Analysis Synergising Synergies for Sitizens Sitizens Synergising Synergies WA/Perth
Take Me There Gov! Team Interrupt Homepage Tasmania
Talk Gov To Me We are not statistics Homepage Tasmania
Bacon™ Talk To Me Bacon™ Homepage NSW/Sydney
Overview of the project results Tasmanian Crash Hotspots MapMap Homepage Tasmania
tba graphic novelsYouth Homepage Playford
Textify WYSIWYGYouth Homepage Gold Coast
The C word The Four Musketeers Homepage Camperdown
The Detective The Detective Homepage Brisbane
The Energy Analyser Synergey Homepage NSW/Sydney
The Gentlemen Bushranger Dank HAM Tasmania
The Glass Ceiling Index Blackwattle Homepage NSW/Sydney
The Impact of Australian Charities Level 6.3 Homepage Melbourne
Gov Law Tech This Land is Mine Gov Law Tech Homepage ACT/Canberra
Tilder TL;DR Homepage NSW/Sydney
TimeCapsule TimeCapsule Ballafornia Dreaming Homepage Ballarat
Time saved logo TimesavED TimesavED Homepage New Zealand
Total Solution Griffies Homepage Gold Coast
The real cost to society Trading on Reality ALIEN PROBE Homepage Tasmania
Trash Timer||Rubbish Reminder Cool Kids ClubYouth Homepage Tasmania
i can help, i need help ... iHelp! Tremorz Tremorz Homepage New Zealand
True Stories - live art homepages for your Chrome browser True Stories Potato Heads Homepage NSW/Sydney
Twitter Field Guide FieldGuidesInc Homepage ACT/Canberra
Use your words logo Use Your Words 66% Teague Homepage ACT/Canberra
uSharity Logo uSharity uSharityYouth Homepage NSW/Sydney
USS Plan X Sojourners 2.0Youth Mount Gambier
ValYou ValYou ValYou Homepage WA/Perth
VET Provider Map Hack-o-'lantern Homepage Melbourne
ViewPoint Danju and Friends Homepage NSW/Sydney
Virtual RADelaide mmmapshacks Adelaide
Walk By WiFi Drew's WiFiYouth Homepage Mount Gambier
Walk Guide Walk Guide Homepage Brisbane
WaterWorkz The Pied Pipers Melbourne
Welsh Anzacs Discovery Welsh Anzac research NSW/Sydney
kangaroos-crossing Whack-A-Roo Data Sea Drifters ACT/Canberra
What is the Wettest Street Name in New Zealand? WWSNNZ New Zealand
What we breathe. Team logo. What we breathe. Studio39 Bravo Homepage Gold Coast
What's next? Working Title Homepage New Zealand
Where's my bus? Logo Where's my bus? NebulousYouth Homepage ACT/Canberra
Where2 At the Beach Sunshine Coast
Who We Are Powderpuff Sugarstuff Homepage Tasmania
Will I ever own my home? MMPR Homepage Camperdown
World War 1 - The Day They Had Fallen World War 1 - The Day They Had Fallen Storytellers of Canberra Homepage ACT/Canberra
WWI Parramatta Soldiers Team Alabama Homepage NSW/Sydney
Open data? YES WE CKAN! yes we ckan Bangers n' MashupYouth Homepage WA/Perth
safety-logo Your Road Safety SIGMA Hackers Homepage Geelong