Australia Local Story Map

Australia Local Story Map
Team Name: 

We're Rstar, Ye and WenYan.

I'm Ye, a FedUni student studies for IT master degree. Team up with my wife WenYan to take part in this fantastical competition. We have been Australia just for 11 months. We've found that the local stories were important for us, specifically when made a new life in a new country. Therefor we always subscribe the Ballarat news to understand the local culture and enter into the local community. That's how we got the story about the GovHack Ballarat 2014 from ABC local photo story and thought this competition is very interesting. When the GovHack 2015 opened for register, we've decided to straightly join the competition this year.

In the competition, We've used ABC local photo stories data and Ballarat historic landscape data to make the visualization web application Australia Local Story Map. You can easily get over 8500 Australian local stories though the web application. Zoom in or zoom out the map where you live in, or click the menu. Click on a photographic, read a true story around Autralia. Then education, sport, art, historic landscape, business, economics ,environment ,health, weather…all varieties of the local stories will be shown.

WenYan is a inspiring graphic designer, and Ye is a key programmer for our project. We've almost spend 2 days to make a carton video which can represents our inspiration.

We've enjoyed to join this friendly competition and to meet many IT professionals in this competition. Thanks the GovHack 2015 for giving us this opportunity. Thank all staffs and volunteers.

Project Architecture
Platform: Java 8
Framework: Play Framework 2, H2 Database
API: Google Map API v3

There is a sub project in directory named ALSM-dbatools, it's for data import and analysis.


Open API is a convenient way plugin our data to your application.

Have fun with it.

Datasets Used: 
ABC Local Online Photo Stories 2009-2014 This data set contains metadata and links for around 8,500 stories created around Australia by ABC Local Online reporters. All the stories are currently published live on the site. Ballarat's Historic Urban Landscape

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