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This year the City of Ballarat is looking at ways that data can help them achieve their '10 Minute City' strategic vision.

From "Today Tomorrow Together - The Ballarat Strategy":

  "The ‘10 Minute City’ concept in Ballarat reflects a general desire expressed by the community to maintain existing levels of access to destinations and services even when the city grows over time"
  "Making local neighbourhood centres better connected, safer and easier to access can increase the number of residents preferring to walking or cycling to their neighbourhood centre or destination."
Our hack, Ballarat Minute, allows Ballarat residents and visitors to easily find a wide range of services that are within a 10 minute walk or cycle.

The Ballarat Minute consists of an API and a web page that connects to the API. The API serves a wide range of different data sets from different government sources as well as commercial sources. This aggregation of varied data sets, targeted towards Ballarat, provides a powerful API that could be used for a number of different applications.  

Users provide their current location using a mobile web browser, Ballarat Minute then provides a list of what is within a 10 minute walk or cycle of their current location. We hope that this will encourage residents to not always rely on driving their car to the CBD as well as use healthier transport options. This will reduce CBD congestion, improve the health and well being of residents, and have environmental benefits.

Further improvements to our hack include:

  • better filtering of the different services that a user might want
  • displaying the results on a map
  • providing walking or cycling directions
  • native mobile apps that can more tightly integrate with functions like phone, email, maps navigation
  • search by address



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