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We Can Help
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Ballarat Hackerspace

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Our team is the Ballarat Hackerspace. It consists of Ian, Brett, Scott and Matt. 

New Zealand and Australians are renowned for pulling together and supporting others in times of natural disaster. Our framework "We Can Help" aims to provide a unified mechanism -  for both coordinating volunteers as a resource coordinator as well as providing an application for the public to nominate themselves as a volunteer.

How it works

When a disaster occurs a resource coordinator would register a disaster providing essential details such as what resources they would require from volunteers (such as food, clothing, shelter, etc) and publish the disaster event online. 

Volunteers wanting to provide assistance would be directed to register at wecanhelp.govt.nz or wecanhelp.gov.au. Volunteers would view the resources that are required to assist the disaster relief efforts and offer to provide assistance. The volunteer is informed that their offer was registered and prompted to wait for further instructions. 

The ‘We Can Help’ framework collates responses from volunteers and allows the resource coordinator to monitor and coordinate, via push notifications to volunteers mobile device, allowing them to coordinate volunteer relief efforts with on-the-ground activities.

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