Photo Hive

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Level 6.3

This project is about discovering stories from the past as we belief that stories from the past should not be forgotten.

Using the ABC national photostories dataset we provide a minimalistic photo based interface that exposes the reader to a variety of stories and attempts to get the reader hooked using the photos alone.

Lets Breed Plants & IP's

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IP Hacker

Lets Breed Plants & IP's!!!

Lets Breed Plants & IP's is a project that helps to make the Intellectual Property data on

Plant Breeder's Rights more usable by processing the raw data into something that could be easily used and read!!

This project aims to minimise the gap in understanding what Intellectual Property is and what kind of data exists among them!!  


My Money's Worth

My Money's Worth
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Intelligent Questions

We are here to talk about one of the certainties in life, Taxes.

The most important document any government releases is the National Budget, unfortunately we believe the current state of access to this document is not up to par with what society needs. It is freely and relatively easy to access, however, the shear scale and complexity of the budget scares off the average citizen.

Our project My Money's Worth is designed to increase the accessibilty of the budget and create a relatable interface for individuals. 

PTV Viewer

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The project aims at viewing an interactive map of Public Transport of Victoria (PTV).


 Affordably Logo
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Within the current national economic climate, there has been much debate focussed around the impact of foreign real-estate investment on the affordability of housing for Australians, particularly for those people entering the housing market as first home owners.

On 9 June 2015 at the Press conference, Commonwealth Parliamentary Office, Sydney, The Hon. Joe Hockey MP, Member for North Sydney and Treasurer of Australia stated that

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