PROJECT Bristiwa

Team Name: 
Dolphin Raiders

 why did you choose to build it, what does it do, who is it for, et cetera. Also talk about the data you've reused, and how you've reused it. How does the project satisfy the prize categories you have selected?


Bristiwa is a Tinder like app where you can see all events going on in Brisbane. You can swipe right if you'd like to go to the event, or swipe left if you're not interested. The events you like will be saved to your calendar. In addition to that, Bristiwa also shows venue of the event's access rating. The app also learns what you like and don't like. Don't like yoga? Swipe it left, and never see it again. The more you use the app, the more customised your view of the Brisbane eventscape is.


Brisbane has a lot of events on, but often we either don't hear about them, or find out too late. This app makes it easier to see the events in Brisbane that you care about.


Anyone living or visiting Brisbane. No joke, there is a lot on. French festival next week woo!

Dataset used:

  • Brisbane events data
  • Venue Accessibility Ratings data


 Bounty: Most useful Product or Service for the Publi

Bounty: Open Source bounty

 The Best Digital Transformation Hack

The Best Entreprenuerial Hack

The Best Open Government Data Hack

Most start-up potential

QUT Innovation Prize

BCC Best Use of City Resources

BCC Support for People with Disabilities

Little Tokyo Two - Development Prize

Most innovative use of open data to improve urban settlements

River City Labs - Development Prize


Why those prizes? 

Well its a great app. It really makes finding out whats going on in Brisbane more accessibile and also mashes up what event venues has a good access rating. It is a great use of BBC resources because these events are on all the time, and I'd say most people dont know about them, this app creates a greater awareness of the fantastic events provided by the BCC.


Datasets Used: 
All Brisbane Events - Venue Accessibility Ratings -

Local Event Location: