River City Labs - Development Prize

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River City Labs
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Any open data sets

Show us your entrepreneurship potential - using any open data set. 2 x 3 months casual membership at River City Labs to advance your idea.


Free Parking
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Project Description

Parking is something that has infuriated us all at one time or another. There just never seem to be any free spots when you want them. But what if you knew the likelihood of finding a parking spot anywhere in the CBD for the exact time you wanted to park? What if you were given turn-by-turn directions for a route that maximised your chances of finding a park? We think there'd be less traffic, less frustration, and the world would be a better place.

Project Naya

Project Naya
Team Name: 

Why do we choose to do it

Many government open-data provides geo-located info useful for disaster relief: real time fire hazard, tide and others. We see that these data can be integrated with mobile phones and other personal devices which has been proven to save lifes.

Project Naya integrate these two source of information to make disater relief efforts.

Who uses it and what does it do for them.

To the disaster relief efforts:

PROJECT Bristiwa

Team Name: 
Dolphin Raiders

 why did you choose to build it, what does it do, who is it for, et cetera. Also talk about the data you've reused, and how you've reused it. How does the project satisfy the prize categories you have selected?



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A website that retells the ANZAC story, both at the front and at home, to give people a deeper understanding of life during World War 1.

Brisbane Bus Monitor

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One of the most common question asked by passengers who use public transport system is what is the performance of the buses? 
Brisbane bus monitor is built to anwser the question, it is a responsive designed web site on top of Google Map java script library, Windows Azure Cloud service and a number of Java Script library like Jquery, bootstrap.


Team Name: 

Anemu is a mobile app for helping people of all ages identify Australian wildlife in an easy and visual way.  Users can use a photo of an animal they've taken with their phone and compare it to photos of other Animals, browsing based on how similar they think it looks.  Once they've identified the animal, they can look up scientific information about the animal, see the last reported location it was seen and even view a list of articles related to that animal.


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BrisAccess is a one-stop solution for people with disabilities to go out and about in Brisbane and SouthEast Queensland. 


Team Name: 
Estbay Eamtay

BCCNav aims to emulate UQnav map which is a widely popular and well used app at UQ. BCCNav uses council map data from "https://www.data.brisbane.qld.gov.au" and "http://data.gov.au/" to serve up a one stop data shop for users. 


Exerceo Logo
Team Name: 


Who We Are?

We are all uni students from various unis throughout Australia (Deakin University, University of Melbourne, QUT and UQ) and are passionate about using open government data to help Australians. 

Our team consists of;

  • Randall Fernando
  • Jeremy Morris
  • Billy Man Wai Lei
  • Jeff Tang
  • Nick Wong
  • Elizaveta Konavalova

How we represent the spirit of Govhack?


Samaritan Logo
Team Name: 
Right-Click Development


Samaritan is an application which we designed for the sole purpose of connecting Queenslanders during troubled times. As we experience a large amount of natural disasters, our emergency services are a vital part of our state's infrastructure. Samaritan provides the users with all the required information and services associated with natural disasters, using five core features:

At Risk:
When a user is in immediate danger


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