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BrisAccess is a one-stop solution for people with disabilities to go out and about in Brisbane and SouthEast Queensland. 
BrisAccess consists of a website and Android application. The website will show you a list of points of interests such as restaurants, shops, sports venue and train station then display how accessible a particular location is. The Android app will then help you to get to your destination. You can input the name of your destination and then it will generate the route for you to go, and if a station isn't able to be accessed independently by mobility-disabled people, it will give you a warning and the option to call for assistance.

The Android APP Is available at

Datasets Used: 
- AURIN ARIA dataset, for collecting accessibility information for each suburb; - Translink API data, used for collecting accessibility information for Ferry stops and journey planner; - Queensland Rail data resources used for data related to Train Station accessibility - City Council data from for location specific accessibility

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