Brisbane Bus Monitor

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One of the most common question asked by passengers who use public transport system is what is the performance of the buses? 
Brisbane bus monitor is built to anwser the question, it is a responsive designed web site on top of Google Map java script library, Windows Azure Cloud service and a number of Java Script library like Jquery, bootstrap.

The goal of the project is to build a prove of concept prototype, to extract and visualize the GTFS realtime data to show the performance of buses in brisbane region, based on Translink GTFS schedule dataset and QLD GTFS real-time dataset .

Translink has provided a GTFS schedule dataset for public transports in Queensland and recently expose real-time information for translink network in GTFS real-time dataset.  The GTFS datasets contains millions of records and the realtime dataset is updated every 10 to 60 seconds, thus the service backend is optimised to extract, filter and aggregate data in most effecient way.
Passengers or general public can choose a bus and tap on play button, then watch  the replay of buses trip for previous 15 mins and the statistics like how many buses are ontime, late or early, all these information are visualized on map using animation and visualization with different colors. User can also choose to add more than one bus routes, or play the bus trips on map in fast play back mode, which create a interensting effect on map. 

Since it is a quick POC project, further enhancements are planned:

  • more control options like timeframe and speed for user to choose
  • add in other public transport types like train and ferry
  • more statistics 

In general, this project combine the realtime data with map and visualization, enable passengers and general public to monitor brisbane buses performance. 

Datasets Used: 
Translink realtime data: Translink GTFS schedule Data:

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