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A website that retells the ANZAC story, both at the front and at home, to give people a deeper understanding of life during World War 1.

When exploring the data at this years Govhack, we were surprised to see the depth of information available around the ANZAC involvement in World War 1. And while we had a good idea about the ANZAC involvement in Gallipoli and Egypt, we quickly realised that we didn't have a strong understanding of the wider impacts of World War 1 on the people of Australia and New Zealand. But the photos and letters that we saw were amazing, with so many stories to tell, from many walks of life.


We want to understand the culture of Australia and New Zealand and how World War 1 tore us apart but then brought us together.


Future work: "Tailor your experience" and "Contribute your data"

Datasets Used: 
Australian War Memorial State Library New South Wales, World War 1 posters ABC: Television Broadcast Data Archive 1978-2011 ABC Local Online Photo Stories 2009-2014 "Soldier and Sweetheart" 1919 Australia Year Book$File/13010_1901_1918%20section%205.pdf World War 1 datasets SLQ - The Queenslander newspaper photographs 1914-1918 Images and description SLQ - Photographs 1914-1918 SLQ - World War 1 soldier portraits SLQ - Catalogue records, World War 1

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