QUT Innovation Prize

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Qld Open Data

Most exciting use of open data, including at least one Qld data set $1500

Walk Guide

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Walk Guide

Walk Guide is a responsive web application for discovering walks throughout Queensland. Walk tracks and trails are mapped onto Google Maps with a polyline using KML data. Users can rate and comment on walks.


  • User ratings
  • Comment threads
  • National 5 Grade Walk System


Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service access


Liveability Index

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Red Spatial

The Liveability Index is a website focused on informing users about the liveability state of every region in Australia, looking at aspects based on economy, demography and education. It allows the general public to see at a glance the status of areas down to the suburb level right across the country. It’s always interesting to find data about areas near you!

Total Solution

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A large number of datasets are publicly available in GovHack-2015 website. Several relevant information can be obtained from various attributes of individual dataset. Moreover, it can be easily perceived that each of these datasets can be inter-related to infer various valuable analyses, which can increase the richness of the individual data. The main aim of our project work is to introduce a unique contribution towards the direction of finding relationship among different categories of datasets and creating a bridge between those (datasets).

Smartie planner

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This app uses differents datasets such as  of national map, and states datasets combined with suffisticated algorathim to help gold coast visitors navigate a plan their trip. These  algorathim will help  the system to suggest events relevant each user in the location they are. 

This will be done by using salgorathims similar to facebook to studey your past behavours to predict you future ones.

The benefith of this app is to: provide a personalized event planer to Gold Coast visitors.


Free Parking
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Project Description

Parking is something that has infuriated us all at one time or another. There just never seem to be any free spots when you want them. But what if you knew the likelihood of finding a parking spot anywhere in the CBD for the exact time you wanted to park? What if you were given turn-by-turn directions for a route that maximised your chances of finding a park? We think there'd be less traffic, less frustration, and the world would be a better place.

Project Naya

Project Naya
Team Name: 

Why do we choose to do it

Many government open-data provides geo-located info useful for disaster relief: real time fire hazard, tide and others. We see that these data can be integrated with mobile phones and other personal devices which has been proven to save lifes.

Project Naya integrate these two source of information to make disater relief efforts.

Who uses it and what does it do for them.

To the disaster relief efforts:

Emergency KitApp

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Australia is unfortunately a home of number of disasters, disasters that often causes humongous losses to the Australian community.

Other than being resilient, foreseeing the disasters has been show to be the most efficient way to prevents deaths and losses.

Wouldn’t it be great if there  was an app the would :

PROJECT Bristiwa

Team Name: 
Dolphin Raiders

 why did you choose to build it, what does it do, who is it for, et cetera. Also talk about the data you've reused, and how you've reused it. How does the project satisfy the prize categories you have selected?



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A website that retells the ANZAC story, both at the front and at home, to give people a deeper understanding of life during World War 1.


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Anemu is a mobile app for helping people of all ages identify Australian wildlife in an easy and visual way.  Users can use a photo of an animal they've taken with their phone and compare it to photos of other Animals, browsing based on how similar they think it looks.  Once they've identified the animal, they can look up scientific information about the animal, see the last reported location it was seen and even view a list of articles related to that animal.


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