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A large number of datasets are publicly available in GovHack-2015 website. Several relevant information can be obtained from various attributes of individual dataset. Moreover, it can be easily perceived that each of these datasets can be inter-related to infer various valuable analyses, which can increase the richness of the individual data. The main aim of our project work is to introduce a unique contribution towards the direction of finding relationship among different categories of datasets and creating a bridge between those (datasets). We have considered most of the available datasets (in GovHack-2015 website) those comprise sound level of relation in between, which can be explored to find empirical socio-economical solutions.  Therefore we come up with an advanced software that offers solutions to several daily quarries and analysis those are very commonly faced by the Government, Industry and Individuals.  

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ABC News, ABS, AIHW, ATO, Department of Finance, Department of Industries and Sciences,

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