Emergency KitApp

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Australia is unfortunately a home of number of disasters, disasters that often causes humongous losses to the Australian community.

Other than being resilient, foreseeing the disasters has been show to be the most efficient way to prevents deaths and losses.

Wouldn’t it be great if there  was an app the would :

  • Efficiently keep the general public updated with extreme weather forecast in their area?
  • An app that would interactively  provide with the  survival tips  advice and warnings to people in a specific area in an given time?
  • An app that would clearly show safety point in case of emergency to relevant stake holders , not just online but  also offline mode?
  • An app that would allow and encourage the general public  to donate to others in a safe and secure way?
  • An app that would certainly help with Surf couching (accommodation) for victims of the disasters hosted by other citizens living?

This project will cover all of the points mentioned above.

Datasets Used: 
http://portal.auscope.org/portal/gmap.html http://nationalmap.gov.au/ http://www.asris.csiro.au/# https://www.here.com/?map=-27.36282,133.30487,9,normal

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