Most innovative use of open data to improve urban settlements

Supported By: 
AURIN, Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network & QCIF, Qld Cyber Infrastructure Foundation
Eligibility Criteria: 
Use data from anywhere and everywhere to create a concept that will help to improve urban settlements.

Eligibility criteria:
Use data from anywhere and everywhere to create a concept that will help to improve urban settlements.

AURIN & QCIF have made available some data, accessible here -
A quick guide to the data:
· Csiro_bigdata - Urban Environment Big Data Capture by CSIRO

· Metro_Aria data – Metropolitan Accessibility / Remoteness Index of Australia

· Vampire data - Vulnerability Analysis of Mortgage, Petroleum and Inflation Risks and Expenditure (vampire) index

It’s not mandatory for you to use it, but may assist you in this challenge.

Brisbane Area Suburb Review - BASR

Image of BASR Website
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Sleepy Whatamelon {JSON}

Brisbane Area Suburb Review - BASR

Brisbane Area Suburb Review is a project that allows people to examine and compare different suburbs in the Greater Brisbane area. The previous twenty-one months of new bonds registered with the Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority along with metropolitan analysis from Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network and Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation makes comparing suburbs an engaging and informative experience.

Liveability Index

Team Name: 
Red Spatial

The Liveability Index is a website focused on informing users about the liveability state of every region in Australia, looking at aspects based on economy, demography and education. It allows the general public to see at a glance the status of areas down to the suburb level right across the country. It’s always interesting to find data about areas near you!


Free Parking
Team Name: 

Project Description

Parking is something that has infuriated us all at one time or another. There just never seem to be any free spots when you want them. But what if you knew the likelihood of finding a parking spot anywhere in the CBD for the exact time you wanted to park? What if you were given turn-by-turn directions for a route that maximised your chances of finding a park? We think there'd be less traffic, less frustration, and the world would be a better place.

Project Naya

Project Naya
Team Name: 

Why do we choose to do it

Many government open-data provides geo-located info useful for disaster relief: real time fire hazard, tide and others. We see that these data can be integrated with mobile phones and other personal devices which has been proven to save lifes.

Project Naya integrate these two source of information to make disater relief efforts.

Who uses it and what does it do for them.

To the disaster relief efforts:

PROJECT Bristiwa

Team Name: 
Dolphin Raiders

 why did you choose to build it, what does it do, who is it for, et cetera. Also talk about the data you've reused, and how you've reused it. How does the project satisfy the prize categories you have selected?


The Detective

Team Name: 
The Detective

We have mobile alerts for exercise, health and weather, why not safety! 

An alert whenever we venture near a dubious place. This app automatically monitors your location safety based on Smart Service Queensland’s ‘API documentation—crime locations 2000­–present’

The app will alert you based on your comfort zone. If you work in law enforcement, the red zone is where you want to be. The rest of us would be safer jogging in the green zone.


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BrisAccess is a one-stop solution for people with disabilities to go out and about in Brisbane and SouthEast Queensland. 

How's My Suburb?

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A web  based platform which allows users to view on suburbs regarding on topics such as public transport availability, crime data, near hospitals and internet speed and availability information. The aim of this project is to create a singular website where a user who is looking to move to a suburb can see information regarding the suburb to help them find where they want to live.


Team Name: 
Estbay Eamtay

BCCNav aims to emulate UQnav map which is a widely popular and well used app at UQ. BCCNav uses council map data from "" and "" to serve up a one stop data shop for users. 


Team Name: 
UQ Hax0rs

SafeRoad is designed as a platform for finding high risk road areas. It can be used in planning mainentance and further development of road infrastructure such as signage, traffic flow management and road resurfacing. It can also assist in planning new emergnecy service home-base locations. For the public, the service highlights roads of high risk and could act to reduce road use in high-use and high-risk areas.


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