Most outstanding Tasmanian benefit

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Tasmanian Government

The prize deemed to benefit the Tasmanian community the most.

Tasmanian Crash Hotspots

Overview of the project results
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Tasmanian Crash Hotspots

Where do accidents happen a lot? What are the roads like in those areas? Is there a link?

There is a dataset of car crashes all over Tasmania, but it doesn't tell a story. Perhaps if we look at where the crashes are happening in terms of the piece of road that the occur on, we'll be able to identify problem intersections, or stretches of road, and better plan upgrades and mitigation efforts.


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Team GoshAwks

After much deliberation, and many blocked turns, our team finally nailed down a plan to develop an air conditioner recommendation application late on Saturday night. 

To do this, we collated the air conditioner cooling data and energy rating for air conditioners datasets. 


en pleine air
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Local, national and international (eventually) air quality rankings with daily, monthly and yearly winners.

The system is built on top of the Meteor web framework, using React templating and deployed on the Nectar cloud using a Docker container. 

Near realtime data is pulled from various Environmental Protection Agency APIs in various formats and structures (CSV, XML etc.) and normalised into a common format which is then stored in a MongoDB datasbase.

Take Me There Gov!

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Team Interrupt

Take me there Gov is a location based Web application. It pulls relevant news articles for you based on your location. 

We chose to build to show people where exactly there news is coming from. 

We have used the ABC online photo archive in this web app.

The web application is created with design in mind and satifisy both the ABC dataset used and design awards.

Question Time: A game of policy

Question Time: A game of policy
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Team Executive Swivel

Visit the website for more information and our video:

  • Does anyone really remember how their representatives vote in parliament?

  • Probably not.

  • Despite the existence of powerful web-based tools, like TheyVoteForYou and ABC’s Vote Compass, people often don’t know how their representatives are directing their votes.

Drains and Dragons

Drains & Dragons
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Drains and Dragons


A mobile augmented reality game using local government datasets to create a simple 'Dungeons and Dragons' hack and slash fest.  This is about raising awareness of bins as public assets.

Game Play

Connect to the game on your mobile device. As you walk around your area you will notice 'points of interest' appear on the map. Clicking on one of these will reveal the monster lurking at that point. What you do then is up to you (Fight, Flee or Find out more)


Talk Gov To Me

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We are not statistics

Talk Gov To Me is 41st Degree Software's submission for GovHack 2015.

Users access Government data through a mobile app, using voice recognition to query a mash up of Open Government data-sets made available for the GovHack 2015 competition.

Talk Gov To Me then responds to the query, using text to speech, to speak directly to the user.


Arty logo
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Our team has implemented the Tap web and ios interfaces to the Hobart city council data  loaded into tap-cms on a Ubuntu 14:04 nectar instance built for GovHack2015, after the competition started , particularly allowing people on the street to find and recognise and understand the art works catalqued by Hobart City Council.

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Bustaz revisited

in 2014 we partial completed this hack, The system was subsequently lost in a nectar upgrade.  With little to go on we have reserected it, with DEM and metro routes and hopefully some bike tracks.

The issues were the many changes in OTP , java dependancies and configuration issues, the git source had to be modified, mostly in pom.xml as locatios of gtfs-lib had changed.

Who We Are

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Powderpuff Sugarstuff

Who We Are aims to explore the diversity of Australia's population - where we came from, what we do and believe, and where we're headed. Our team decided early on that we wanted to do a project which highlighted some aspect of the community, with some early options being helping to make local charities more visible, make meeting up with other dog owners at the various dog parks easier, and exploring how youth detention rates are changing.


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