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We are not statistics

Talk Gov To Me is 41st Degree Software's submission for GovHack 2015.

Users access Government data through a mobile app, using voice recognition to query a mash up of Open Government data-sets made available for the GovHack 2015 competition.

Talk Gov To Me then responds to the query, using text to speech, to speak directly to the user.

The app integrates with Facebook to gain the users public profile data. The user is then free to ask any questions of government they want. The app utilises Microsofts Project Oxford Speech APIs to recognise the users voice input, converting it into a text based query. The query is then passed to a custom API, developed to accept user query input. The API attempts to interpret the intent of the query, in order to find a relevant data set to retrieve data from.

The retreived data is then converted into a natural language response, which is then passed on to a Text to Speech API, which returns an audio file of the response.

The app then plays the audio response, answering the users query with 'the voice of governement'. If the API was unable to find an answer to the users query, it will prompt the user try another line of query or suggest a topic for them to ask next.

By acessing the users public Facebook profile data, in combination with GPS data sourced form the mobile device, we can localise and personalise the responses that the API generates.

Give it a try by asking the app some of the following questions

  • What do you know about tv shows?
  • Tell me where the closest trash can is?
  • Where is the closest hospital?
  • Talk to me about death and mortality?
  • Where can I find a toilet?
  • Can I help a charity?
  • How popular is my name?

Or you can throw it a few curve balls and get some suggestions back.

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Video On Device


Datasets Used: 
ABC Television Broadcast Data Archive 1978-2011 Baby Names in Tasmania 2010 to 2014 ACNC 2013 Annual Information Statement data General Record of Incidence of Mortality (GRIM) City of Hobart Litter Bins Australian hospital statistics 2012-13 National Public Toilet Map Launceston Rubbish Bins Youth detention population in Australia 2013

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