Who We Are

Team Name: 
Powderpuff Sugarstuff

Who We Are aims to explore the diversity of Australia's population - where we came from, what we do and believe, and where we're headed. Our team decided early on that we wanted to do a project which highlighted some aspect of the community, with some early options being helping to make local charities more visible, make meeting up with other dog owners at the various dog parks easier, and exploring how youth detention rates are changing. We settled on the diversity theme because of its relevance to recent news, with immigration, religion, and our how Australia plans to grow in the future our central themes.

The website consists of three sections: our past, which highlights where recent immigrants have come from; our present, which looks at which religions, languages, and occupations are most dominant in Australia; and our future, which explores the projected population growth. All of the data we used came from the ABS, primarily from census.


Datasets Used: 
ABS.Stat "http://govhack.abs.gov.au/Index.aspx?themetreeid=7"; Population Projections, Australia, 2012-2101; Estimated Resident Population by Country of Birth, Median Age and Sex Ratio, 30 June 1992 to 2014 - ERP by Country of Birth by Sex Ratio; B13 Language Spoken at Home by Sex(SA2+); B14 Religious Affiliation by Sex(SA2+); B44 Industry of Employment by Occupation(SA2+).

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