Tasmanian Crash Hotspots

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Tasmanian Crash Hotspots

Where do accidents happen a lot? What are the roads like in those areas? Is there a link?

There is a dataset of car crashes all over Tasmania, but it doesn't tell a story. Perhaps if we look at where the crashes are happening in terms of the piece of road that the occur on, we'll be able to identify problem intersections, or stretches of road, and better plan upgrades and mitigation efforts.

This work takes 10 years of crashes and merges it into the Tasmanian Government 'road nodes' dataset. This way, parts of the road that have lots of crashes are highlighted (in white, orange and redO. Once you find a bit of road that is of interest, you can explore all the crashes at that intersection (including serious and fatality incidents) and view the road in Streetview, to see if you can start to understand why they might be happening.

Perhaps by enabling exploring of where accidents occur, and viewing the roads at those locations all from the comfort of an interactive web site, we can save money and also, ultimately, save lives.

Datasets Used: 
Tasmanian Department of State Growth Crash data: http://data.gov.au/dataset/tasmanian Tasmanian DPIPWE Transport Nodes: http://listdata.thelist.tas.gov.au/opendata/index.html#LIST_Transport_Nodes

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