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Bustaz revisited

in 2014 we partial completed this hack, The system was subsequently lost in a nectar upgrade.  With little to go on we have reserected it, with DEM and metro routes and hopefully some bike tracks.

The issues were the many changes in OTP , java dependancies and configuration issues, the git source had to be modified, mostly in pom.xml as locatios of gtfs-lib had changed.

The data structure had changed for the graphs.  It was worth all the effort as its a clean and fast interface.


The IOS application is being compiled, but not as of 2pm.

Datasets Used: 
DEM Height information. http://listdata.thelist.tas.gov.au/opendata/index.html#LIST_Tasmania_25_Metre_Digital_Elevation_Model https://www.thelist.tas.gov.au/app/content/data/geo-meta-data-record?detailRecordUID=47b71113-a99d-4a9c-82c0-ba92c8313e79 The data for the Tasmanian Metro was published on the GovHack site under the Tasmanian Department of State Growth datasets http://data.gov.au/organization/tasmanian-department-of-state-growth. The metro data listed for Hobart and Launceston on the data.gov.au site was incorrectly formatted and out of date (2014-01-22 and 2014-03-25), but the metadata included a link to the data source http://www.metrotas.com.au/transit/Hobart/google_transit.zip which contained correctly formatted and current data (2014-07-11 and 2014-03-25). The Burnie data on the data.gov.au was more current (2014-07-04) than the metrotas.com.au data (2014-03-25)(the source link was not provided). The files were all in GTFS format except the Hobart and Launceston data.gov.au which was almost in GTFS format. We also downloaded the Tasmanian School Bus Routes data provided by the Department of State Growth - Land Transport Services. After considerable effort we were unable to get this data into satisfactory GTFS format. We got the data into GTFS format but the application seemed unable to handle the loops and repeats in the routes. We were unable to programmatically split multiple trips on a single route into separate trips. The OTP uses data extracted from Open Street Map to build its underlying road system. OSM data was downloaded from http://open.mapquestapi.com/xapi/api/0.6/map? we downloaded http://data.gov.au/storage/f/2013-05-12T181622/tmpYiANZzRailway.zip , the Launceston city railway map and converted to GTFS with geo2gtfs.jar

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