Most innovative hack to engage the community and the environment

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Sydney Water
Eligibility Criteria: 
Use Sydney Water Dataset and/or any other Government open data

Winner - $2,000
Runner-up - $1,000
Fits within the Sydney Water values 'care for one another, the environment and the community' Improve community awareness of the environmental Demonstrate how the community can influence environmental impacts Create a mechanism to educate the community about environment wellbeing (this could also include safety)

The Glass Ceiling Index

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How thick is the glass ceiling in Australia? Women have broken through … right? Let look at the facts …. Across all occupations, a man is 4.6 times more likely to reach a high paying role, will earn $24k more than a woman per annum and, alarmingly, this income gap is widening.


There is nothing new about the idea of equal pay for equal work.

Play It Safe

Team Name: 
The Exerciting Sisters

Play It Safe is a data map that shows where it is safe to get outside and play.  It is formed from a compiliation of data (from Ballarat) that determines which parks will be safer based on good and bad locations near by.  Things that make a site safer to play at are if they are near school areas/child care centres.  Bad things that detriment a sparks safety are high levels of graffiti nearby.  This is all done through a python script that compiles the data to create the safety score.


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AusQuakes is an earthquake visualisation tool.

It helps the public and organisations easily see where past quakes have occurred and their magnitude, allowing better planning of potential future events.

Sydney Water Dashboard

Sydney Water Dashboard
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Sydney Water released some data specifically for GovHack15. This data consisted of Excel spreadsheets. I decided to take this data and present it in a visual dashboard. It's designed for both internal Sydney Water users, as well as the public to see various aggregate statistics about water usage, outages and water quality.

Gender Equality

Screenshot of Gender Eqaulity
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It is incredibly important to expose equality data.

I've build a data visualisation of gender equality data from the  Workplace Gender Equality Act dataset.


Team Name: 
Team Null


We chose to build ClearGov, to provide government information in a more accessible and transparent format. ClearGov is for citizen journalists, and any member of the public interested in what a politician has said on the record. 

Our Solution


Predicting Australia's future infrastructure needs
Team Name: 
School of Rock


NSW govt representative said that there currently is a problem where schools are unable to predict their future enrolmnet numbers, and new building take four years and up to build. So we decided to solve that problem


A data visualisation for predicted infrastructure needs going into the future.


Governmnet Dept such as  NSW planning to predict need for school buildings


The Energy Analyser

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How can we reduce energy consumption in Australia? Do consumers know how they rank in energy use amongst people with the same social profile.

The Energy Analyser can help contextualise energy use for people and provide recommendations to reduce the cost of energy bills. The tool offers the following functionality:

Cute or the Boot?

Cute or the Boot logo
Team Name: 
The Royal Sir Donald Bradman Institute of Patriotic Technology/Mateship™

It’s the question that all of Australia has been asking.  Koala, Cane Toad, Tawny Frogmouth or Taipan?  What is the cutest Aussie animal?  Well this state of the art web app, created exclusively for GovHack 2015, will help Australia find out.  Cute or the Boot is an online popularity contest featuring the cutest critters on the continent.  Utilising the comprehensive database of Aussie animals provided by The Atlas of Living Australia API, it asks you to choose whether a beaut little beastie is cute, or whether it should get the boot. 


Team Name: 
Intrepid Audio Geographers


"You don't look back along time, but down through it, like water. Sometimes this comes to the surface, sometimes that, sometimes nothing. Nothing goes away."   Margaret Atwood


From the fashions on Chapel street to the restaurants in Carlton. The small bars in Fitzroy, to worshipping cricket at the MCG, or joining the latte-sipping hipsters of Brunswick.


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