Play It Safe

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The Exerciting Sisters

Play It Safe is a data map that shows where it is safe to get outside and play.  It is formed from a compiliation of data (from Ballarat) that determines which parks will be safer based on good and bad locations near by.  Things that make a site safer to play at are if they are near school areas/child care centres.  Bad things that detriment a sparks safety are high levels of graffiti nearby.  This is all done through a python script that compiles the data to create the safety score.  This is done by counting the number of each of the different factors, within a relavant radius of the park for the factor.  The factors are then combined together into the safety scoring, giving a higher weighting to those that seem more relevant to safety.  Once the script runs the the Play It Safe Dataset is produced in CSV format, this can be drag-and-dropped onto  You can then click around to find a park with a low safety score, this means it is more safe (the blue markers on the map), you can see the safety score as well as the level of graffiti, school areas and cctv cameras near the park (high, medium, low)

The project was inspired by the healthcare gurus at the Fishburners GovHack site that pointed out that the poeple most at rish of becoming overweight (lower socioeconomic groups, and indiginous Australians) often live in the more dangerous places.  So it's not as safe and thus easy for them to get outside and excersie to stay fit and healthy.  Thus the idea was born to create a map to show people where it's safe to play.

It is also a common misconception that it is a lot less safe than it was in the past to go and play outside. To the contrary it is actually more safe than previous generations to play outside due to the reduction in violent crimes over the past few decades.  So this collection of data is here to show you where you can feel most comfortable outside to encourage people to get out there and stay fit, whilst feeling safe.  

Hopefully more data will become available for other cities so this data collaberation script can be used to create maps for more cities.  We also hope to include more data into this map to include street lights, police stations and any other relevant information. We also hope to add soon the facilities that are located near each location like public toilets, bike racks, drinking fountains and BBQs.   

Datasets Used: 
Ballarat Playgrounds Ballarat CCTV Cameras Ballarat Graffiti Defects Ballarat Educational Facilities Ballerat Childcare Centres We first observed all of these sets of data on National Map

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