Cute or the Boot?

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The Royal Sir Donald Bradman Institute of Patriotic Technology/Mateship™

It’s the question that all of Australia has been asking.  Koala, Cane Toad, Tawny Frogmouth or Taipan?  What is the cutest Aussie animal?  Well this state of the art web app, created exclusively for GovHack 2015, will help Australia find out.  Cute or the Boot is an online popularity contest featuring the cutest critters on the continent.  Utilising the comprehensive database of Aussie animals provided by The Atlas of Living Australia API, it asks you to choose whether a beaut little beastie is cute, or whether it should get the boot.  Votes from all across the land will be tabulated and displayed via an amazing interactive “leader board”.  Future implementations will feature other exciting sections, including  Phylum Fight Club, and The Cutest in the Class.  Use the social media buttons to Tweet about that cute turtle or Facebook you friends about that fantastic Fruit Bat.  Visit Cute Or Boot dot rocks today, and get voting!


Datasets Used: 
The Atlas of Living Australia

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