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We chose to build ClearGov, to provide government information in a more accessible and transparent format. ClearGov is for citizen journalists, and any member of the public interested in what a politician has said on the record. 

Our Solution

By building a clear and simple search function for the data that is collated from the official APH website, ClearGov allows a user to instantly look up a particular politician and topic, instantly showing you every comment the politician has made on that topic in a clear and concise format. 

No more searching on multiple sources, with unnescesery fields which you are required to fill out. 

It our hope, this tool can be used to better able a voter to judge a politcian's consistency, and their capacity to change. 

By using government data in an accessible format, this will enable journalists to investigates the information of Government and politicians. 


To make this product a complete package, we used Hansard data from APH, Tax data from ATO and photos of members of parliament from

Future vision

We see this product expanding to include all government reports including their recommendations abling everyone of us to be better informed over time. Further augmentation will include social media capabilities allowing the public to influence government transperancy.


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1. Data set used: APH Hansard Data This dataset grabs all the transcripts of all the publicly available speeches in the parliament house. We ran an automated script to scrap the database of all xml files. We gathered who the speaker was, what was the date of the debate, and what a particular person said. We have used all the xml files which involved either of three speakers, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Bill Shorten 2. Data set used: ATO data used We used ATO data to show income differences between the national average and politician's electorate. Data can be found at <>

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