Sydney Water Dashboard

Sydney Water Dashboard
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Sydney Water released some data specifically for GovHack15. This data consisted of Excel spreadsheets. I decided to take this data and present it in a visual dashboard. It's designed for both internal Sydney Water users, as well as the public to see various aggregate statistics about water usage, outages and water quality.

Under the hood, I'm loading the Sydney Water data per LGA into PostgreSQL and using JOINs with existing ASGS and ABS Census data to produce normalised data. This data is then exported to TopoJSON so that it can be loaded into a Leaflet map allowing a very fast map, with interaction and without noticiable generalisation atifacts.

I'm leveraging some great free and open source libraries in this work, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, TopoJSON, Leaflet, OGR as well as my own open sourced asgs2pgsql and abs2pgsql projects. All my code for this project is CC0 licensed on GitHub.

Datasets Used: 
Sydney Water GovHack15 data as provided via Sydney GovHack.

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