Geelong Open Data Creative Challenge

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Data Victoria and StartupCloud Incubator, Geelong
Eligibility Criteria: 
This is the challenge without definition, We want you to do something that no one has thought of. This hack encourages your creativity to come up with Apps, websites or solutions that encourages innovation and future development possibilities.

Prize : $1000 from

Local Prize: Resident for 6 Months at the StartupCloud Incubator, Ryrie Street, Geelong

o This prize will be transferable as a voucher to suitable persons if not convenient for prize winner.

o Standard Terms and Conditions apply for use of the coworking space

o Restricted to one person for 6 Months - the number of people and duration cannot be changed

o 6 Month term will automatically start 1 Jan 2016, if not activated sooner.

o Not redeemable for cash StartupCloud is a coworking incubator in Geelong which aims to cultivate a rich web startup community in Geelong.

The founder, Todd Hubers is offering a prize of 6 Months free resident membership of the coworking community for an entry which shows real-world commercial value. Categories sought and broad judging criteria: o Commercial potential - entry which best articulates and represents the best opportunity for significant commercial return upon commercialization.

o Expanding data - entry which applies the most pressure for Governments to publicly release the most interesting data


Suggestions: Be creative , but you may also consider where data gaps exist and propose access to yet to be released data.

1. Use the Barwon Health hospital admissions data to visualise the number of patients coming through each ward and see how this changes with time.

2. Using a variety of datasets, produce a detailed statistical analysis of domestic animal ownership in the municipality. The outcome can be descriptive, but examining statistical correlations between existing demographic and spatial data with registered animal data will be the most valuable product to assist in future planning and targeted campaigns to assist pet owners.

3. Analysis of parking machine data to establish the probability of parking availability per precinct and per time period, and the visual representation of the probabilities in a functional app.

4. An analysis to determine whether there is a statistically significant correlation between residential land size and nuisance type (barking dogs, smoke music noise etc).

5. A Geelong youth APP. The app would provide a comprehensive listing of all Youth activities and things of interest across Geelong. The app could be searched by type of activity/interest, and suburb.

6. An app that allows you to register to be part of a 'community support phone tree' or similar, so that on extreme heat or other weather event days, everyone on the phone tree makes contact with someone else to make sure they're OK. E.g Elderly, At Risk People

7. An app that uses a map to show listed Garage sales in the local area. It can also use the newspaper classified garage sale listings and show them on the map.

8. Use the pet registration information to allow pet owners to send out alerts. 9. An app that shows the real-time wait time at GP clinics and the emergency room across Geelong so that people can make better informed decisions about whereto go for their primary health care needs.


Data suggestions:

• All Geelong datasets, there are over 60

• Barwon Health & TAC

• Victorian Government and Agency data

nextStep FedUni

Team Name: 
Barely Registered

This app makes use of gamification to get prospective students interested in higher education. The app constructs a persona based on players' responses to a quiz. The responses from the quiz assigns characteristics, from which persona attributes are then derived. Players are then able to use their persona's to battle other professions. 

Postcode Battle (The Card Game)

Team Name: 
Level 6.3

Now you can fight your suburb against that of your friends!

Using our database built from state and national data, we select all the attributes in which your suburb is more awesome than that of your mates. We present them in a easily understandable way. Now you have real data to prove that your suburb is absolutely the most awesomest! Get battling!!


Postcode Battle (Liveability Index)

Team Name: 
Level 6.3

We see open government data as a chance for the government to inform its citizens, and for the citizens to inform the government; as a chance to foster communication and cooperation. In our project, we ask: where is infrastructure sufficient, and where are services lacking? If I want to move to a different suburb, where are my needs and interests best catered for?


Your Road Safety

Team Name: 
SIGMA Hackers

Your Road Safety


Team Name: 
Hackosaurus Rex



Path To Safety

Path To Safety Logo
Team Name: 
Community Nexus


‘Path To Safety’ (PTS) is a community tool for helping users determine the safest route to their destination through crowdsourced user feedback. Our project directly provides a solution to the question 'How Do I Get Home Safe At Night?'.


 Affordably Logo
Team Name: 


Within the current national economic climate, there has been much debate focussed around the impact of foreign real-estate investment on the affordability of housing for Australians, particularly for those people entering the housing market as first home owners.

On 9 June 2015 at the Press conference, Commonwealth Parliamentary Office, Sydney, The Hon. Joe Hockey MP, Member for North Sydney and Treasurer of Australia stated that

Geelong VR

Virtual Geelong
Team Name: 

Geelong VR is an immersive 1:1 scale reconstruction of Geelong in virtual reality. By creating a system to correctly place objects using latitude and longitude data, many different objects were able to be added into the virtual environment directly from the provided data sets.

I came to govhack knowing i wanted to build a virtual reality project, and when i saw that the provided data included 3d models of all buildings in the CBD, the choice was obvious.

Data sets


GreenRun - May all your traffic lights be green
Team Name: 

Is the traffic light ahead red or green?

Imagine a world in which traffic light state data was public? What could you do with that information?


Team Name: 
Lets talk about time travel


An extensible quiz framework for making many types of govt. datasets exciting and relevant to you.

Some of Squizzlr’s superpowers are:
- Provides an engaging quiz that is personalised to you!
- Facebook sharing of results which increases awareness and reach of data

- Meaningful insights into your demographic which further improve engagement
- Personalised graphs for data relevant to you


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