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Lets talk about time travel


An extensible quiz framework for making many types of govt. datasets exciting and relevant to you.

Some of Squizzlr’s superpowers are:
- Provides an engaging quiz that is personalised to you!
- Facebook sharing of results which increases awareness and reach of data

- Meaningful insights into your demographic which further improve engagement
- Personalised graphs for data relevant to you

- Through generating meaningful questions, Squizzlr shows the possibilities of data use
- A highly extensible architecture with easy way to add new data sets

- Out of the box consumes ABS.STAT, AIHW, ATO and Geelong data sets

To prove this concept, we’ve developed a quiz which asks the user for their basic demographic information - age, gender & location - and presents a number of customised questions around their demographic (e.g. “How many males aged 40-44 live in Victoria?”). After the user has answered their custom question, they get presented with a further deep dive into the associated data set, giving further opportunity to learn more, engage in a meaningful way, and find relevant insights for them.

But this is just a first iteration - the possibilities are limitless. Squizzlr aims to target key data issues around making data more accessible and also making it fun. By targeting multiple datasets, Squizzlr opens the possibilities for extensive data integration, further deepening users’ connection with the information. It provides the basic building blocks to interact with a wide variety of data.

Squizzlr’s architecture makes it trivial to extend the framework to any type of data set
- Just add a new connection class and the framework handles the rest.
- We can easily see application of this to a number of varied data sets and/or deep dives into specific data sets.

Squizzlr also aims to exponentially increase the awareness of govt data through gamification and social sharing features

Technologies used:
- PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/Javascript
- JQuery
- Chart.js
- Simple-Quiz framework
- Bootstrap

We hope you enjoy our project as much as we did in govhack. 
We couldn't belive what we were able to achieve through some concentrated hacking over the weekend!

And be sure to check out the video for more! - https://youtu.be/SammomWBkQk

Link to pdf of presentation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6PDU-J3jxq0Y2Q3bFBFT2xlOGs/view?usp=sh...

Datasets Used: 
ABS.Stat AHIW ATO Geelong Population Projections

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