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The ATO and ABC

Supported by the ATO and ABC

  1. Major prize: Best Data Journalism Hack ($4000)

  2. Runner up 1: Best Data Journalism Hack ($2000)

  3. Runner up 2: Best Data Journalism Hack ($2000)

  • This category is about using government data for data journalism. This could include data visualisation tools, infographic, interactive websites or applications, or anything else that explains, investigates or makes more understandable the often complex array of information in government.

Brisbane Area Suburb Review - BASR

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Sleepy Whatamelon {JSON}

Brisbane Area Suburb Review - BASR

Brisbane Area Suburb Review is a project that allows people to examine and compare different suburbs in the Greater Brisbane area. The previous twenty-one months of new bonds registered with the Queensland Residential Tenancies Authority along with metropolitan analysis from Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network and Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation makes comparing suburbs an engaging and informative experience.

The Glass Ceiling Index

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How thick is the glass ceiling in Australia? Women have broken through … right? Let look at the facts …. Across all occupations, a man is 4.6 times more likely to reach a high paying role, will earn $24k more than a woman per annum and, alarmingly, this income gap is widening.


There is nothing new about the idea of equal pay for equal work.


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Danju and Friends

ViewPoint is a a web application that analyses the topics discussed in an article and analyses the public's opinion of those topics.

Metadata Tag Extractor

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MetaData Extractor


MetaData is as important as Data. While generating data is expected to be done carefully, generating metadata is done as an afterthought, most of the time.

My first plan for GovHack was to do an analysis of the trends and patterns of the metadata of  But after downloading all the metadata and data wrangling, I found out that the dataset tags are not that great.

Holes in the Safety Net Indicator

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Safety Net

Holes in the safety net indicator is a national assessment of the concentration of charitable organisations that work with people at risk of homelessness. It shows locations where there are fewer homeless charities and comparatively larger homeless populations, to encourage growth of charitable organisations in those areas most in need.


Eureka Melbourne

Eureka Melbourne
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Team Eureka Melbourne

Eureka Melbourne

For GovHack 2015 we decided to encourage Melbourne's citizens and visitors to explore all that it has to offer.
Eureka Melbourne is a web app that you can run on your mobile device or computer. It uses your location to determine if you have visited any of the several hundred points of interest we have compiled from open data.

Total Solution

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A large number of datasets are publicly available in GovHack-2015 website. Several relevant information can be obtained from various attributes of individual dataset. Moreover, it can be easily perceived that each of these datasets can be inter-related to infer various valuable analyses, which can increase the richness of the individual data. The main aim of our project work is to introduce a unique contribution towards the direction of finding relationship among different categories of datasets and creating a bridge between those (datasets).

Postcode Battle (Liveability Index)

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Level 6.3

We see open government data as a chance for the government to inform its citizens, and for the citizens to inform the government; as a chance to foster communication and cooperation. In our project, we ask: where is infrastructure sufficient, and where are services lacking? If I want to move to a different suburb, where are my needs and interests best catered for?


Photo Hive

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Level 6.3

This project is about discovering stories from the past as we belief that stories from the past should not be forgotten.

Using the ABC national photostories dataset we provide a minimalistic photo based interface that exposes the reader to a variety of stories and attempts to get the reader hooked using the photos alone.


Solar Panel
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Solar is a sustainable energy source and an alternative to fossil fuels. The first solar cell was constructed by Charles Fritts in the 1880's. 230 plus years later, energy produced by solar is still a fraction of all energy consumed globally.

Our team chose to create a solar calculator that enables and empowers individuals to make an informed choice to answer the question ‘why’ they should choose to switch based on the financial savings along with reducing their carbon footprint.


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