Your Road Safety

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SIGMA Hackers

Your Road Safety

This web tool is designed to present crash data from VicRoads open data source on an interactive map.  
We chose this project as a team because the road incidents in Geelong have been increasing and that it is crucial for young drivers to understand the importance of road safety.  
This application plots the incidents recorded by VicRoads in the last 5 years on a map, which can be personalised to the user's demographic and vehicle type. This gives the user an idea of the roads around them and assists them to be more careful in areas that have had more incidents. 
We built a RESTful API  on the data set so that it can be reused by organisations like TAC and VicRoads. It can also be used to build more uses cases like having a GPS tool that suggests safer travel routes by avoiding high risk areas. 

TAC Geelong would benefit the most from this application as it gives them a fresh prospect as it is using VicRoads dataset. It not only would help them predict incidents and claims but also use this to educate young road users. They would be able to filter the data to understand the demographics of incidents better. This would be one of the best use cases of visualisation of data on map and would be a great contender for National Map Bounty. This is also a critical use of the open data as it promotes public safety and hence a great contender for Geelong Open Data creative challenge and the best open data government hack.


Datasets Used: 
VicRoads Crashes for the last five years -

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