GreenRun - May all your traffic lights be green
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Is the traffic light ahead red or green?

Imagine a world in which traffic light state data was public? What could you do with that information?

  • Mapping systems could make real-time decisions based on the state of traffic lights en-route.
  • How many lives could be saved by routing emergency vehicles via green lights?
  • How much fuel use and polution would be improved by less stop-start driving?
  • How much engine noise and wear could be reduced by smoother travel?

But traffic light data is not public? GreenRun is changing that. One light at a time.

We propose to give new life to the millions of unused old smartphones.

  • A phone is positioned in an office window and pointed at a traffic light.
  • The phone camera takes frequent photos of the traffic light and an app determines if the light is red or green.
  • This traffic light status information is sent back to a central server over WiFi - and made available to the world via an API.

We aim to start small - to encourage government to provide this data instead of us - but we can go global with a community of volunteers.

Much as services like FlightRadar24 have done.

GreenRun is applying for the following prizes:

Bounty: Most useful Product or Service for the Public
Of huge benefit to the travelling public

Bounty: National Map bounty
The production version would use National Map data - especially for older phones to describe the location of the camera using location rather than GPS

Bounty: Open Source bounty
We’d donate the source to the Open Source community

International Best Disaster Mitigation Hack
In a disaster, having an optimal route in or out is crucial

The Best Digital Transformation Hack
Creating a whole new data set that will have many benefits

The Best Entreprenuerial Hack
We believe this could become a whole new product / market that may be acquired by a mapping company eg Google, Uber etc

The Best Open Government Data Hack
Showing how open government data is done - could make data or metrics available via

The Best Policy Insights Hack
This trial gives the government the opportunity to see the benefits of opening up Traffic Light data and potentially to change government policy as a result.

Best use of data to improve Victorian local government services (or access to services)
Benefits include of GreenRun include:
Environmental - reducing pollution and noise
Emergency management  - improved response and recovery times
Transport and infrastructure  - better use of existing and reduced need for new

Business Geelong
Pioneering the system in Geelong and growing this to be a national and international system

Environmental Geelong
Reducing pollution, fuel use and noise by enabling smoother running traffic

Future Geelong
Predicting traffic light status based on gathered data is predicting the Future of Geelong

Geelong Open Data Creative Challenge
We’re creating new Open Data and enabling others to do new and significant things with it

TAC Geelong
Reducing accidents by reducing driver frustration

WiFi Geelong
Using the Geelong WiFi service could kick-start the GreenRun system

GreenRun - May all your traffic lights be green!

Datasets Used: 
None - Our project is creating a totally new dataset in an attempt to encourage government to open up their traffic light status data set.

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