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Within the current national economic climate, there has been much debate focussed around the impact of foreign real-estate investment on the affordability of housing for Australians, particularly for those people entering the housing market as first home owners.

On 9 June 2015 at the Press conference, Commonwealth Parliamentary Office, Sydney, The Hon. Joe Hockey MP, Member for North Sydney and Treasurer of Australia stated that

“…there are a range of incentives that have been put in place by state governments and others in relation to first home buyers. The starting point for a first home buyer is to get a good job that pays good money. If you’ve got a good job and it pays good money and you have security in relation to that job, then you can go to the bank and you can borrow money and that’s readily affordable. More affordable than ever to borrow money for a first home now than it has ever been.”

This project has been developed to assist the first home buyer in particular locate affordable suburbs within the state of Victoria, based on median house prices and other factors,  taking their financial capacity into consideration.  It provides an appraisal of each affordable suburb based on particular statistical data sets available including crime rates, local government population, the time it takes to travel to the city by car, building activity, median house price, median unit price, median land price, primary and secondary schools, police stations, hospitals, libraries and public transport.

Google's Geocaching, Distance Matrix and Static Street View Image data API's was utilized to help populate our project with additional relevant information for each suburb.

The data informing our analysis of crime statistics, median house prices and population was sourced from complete and representative data sets (As mentioned below) and filtered from 2012 to 2014 inclusive to avoid incomplete data. Finally, the ABC Regional Bounty Data was used to provide further contextual news for each suburb.

This website may assist home buyers to make informed investment decisions that not only meet their social and lifestyle needs but are also within their financial/earning capabilities.  
We were planning to analyse all Australian suburbs however we realised that it was extremely time consuming. Instead, we decided to focused on Victorian Suburbs for our proof on concept. 

Datasets Used: 
ABC Articles: Hospital Locations Victoria: Police Stations Victoria: Building Activity: :, Library Locations Victoria: Crime Stats Victoria: School Locations Victoria: Train, Bus Stop Locations Victoria: Median House, Unit, Land Data Victoria:

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