Most disruptive hack

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ACS Tasmania

As judged my ACS Tasmania the hack that disrupts an existing paradigm or well known model the most.

Building Chocks of Tasmania

Team Name: 
Chocolate Moulding Dept., Hobart Hackespace

The tastiest data visualisation you'll see all day!

Our project aims to produce tasty chocolate treats of parts of Tasmania.


Team Name: 
Team GoshAwks

After much deliberation, and many blocked turns, our team finally nailed down a plan to develop an air conditioner recommendation application late on Saturday night. 

To do this, we collated the air conditioner cooling data and energy rating for air conditioners datasets. 

Polar Politico Fantastico

Team Name: 
Settlers Redux

Using Hansard history data on attendance and voting outcomes the project aims to create a gravity weighted graph to show how far apart and/or closely together individual MPs and parties vote on policy.

Check out our Progress Blog!:

Memory Lane

Team Name: 
Dueling Beards

We chose the ABC broadcast data as we felt it was a data set that most people could relate to. Who hasn't spend an afternoon watching ABC?

Using our app users can pick a year and a state and get the most played shows between 3pm and 7pm. We use third party apis like thetvdb and youtube to give some interesting data about the show. 

Question Time: A game of policy

Question Time: A game of policy
Team Name: 
Team Executive Swivel

Visit the website for more information and our video:

  • Does anyone really remember how their representatives vote in parliament?

  • Probably not.

  • Despite the existence of powerful web-based tools, like TheyVoteForYou and ABC’s Vote Compass, people often don’t know how their representatives are directing their votes.

Drains and Dragons

Drains & Dragons
Team Name: 
Drains and Dragons


A mobile augmented reality game using local government datasets to create a simple 'Dungeons and Dragons' hack and slash fest.  This is about raising awareness of bins as public assets.

Game Play

Connect to the game on your mobile device. As you walk around your area you will notice 'points of interest' appear on the map. Clicking on one of these will reveal the monster lurking at that point. What you do then is up to you (Fight, Flee or Find out more)


Talk Gov To Me

Team Name: 
We are not statistics

Talk Gov To Me is 41st Degree Software's submission for GovHack 2015.

Users access Government data through a mobile app, using voice recognition to query a mash up of Open Government data-sets made available for the GovHack 2015 competition.

Talk Gov To Me then responds to the query, using text to speech, to speak directly to the user.

Who We Are

Team Name: 
Powderpuff Sugarstuff

Who We Are aims to explore the diversity of Australia's population - where we came from, what we do and believe, and where we're headed. Our team decided early on that we wanted to do a project which highlighted some aspect of the community, with some early options being helping to make local charities more visible, make meeting up with other dog owners at the various dog parks easier, and exploring how youth detention rates are changing.

Trash Timer||Rubbish Reminder

Team Name: 
Cool Kids Club

Trash Timer||Rubbish Reminder is an app built to assist Launceston City Council area residents in putting out their garbage receptacle at the appropriate time of the week/month.

The Gentlemen Bushranger

Team Name: 
Dank HAM

Our project is designed to be an educational insight into 18th century Van Diemens land, Tasmania. In a time when the majority of the population was composed of convicts,  British soldiers and free-settlers. We chose this topic to increase appreciation for education and history of Tasmania. We also wanted to promote awareness to the existence of data surrounding our early beginnings as a colony, and to promote this data being made easily accesible in an easy to use form.

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