The Gentlemen Bushranger

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Dank HAM

Our project is designed to be an educational insight into 18th century Van Diemens land, Tasmania. In a time when the majority of the population was composed of convicts,  British soldiers and free-settlers. We chose this topic to increase appreciation for education and history of Tasmania. We also wanted to promote awareness to the existence of data surrounding our early beginnings as a colony, and to promote this data being made easily accesible in an easy to use form.

Our project is a first person game in which the user plays a bounty hunter by the name of John Batman; tasked with apprehending the escaped convict and now bushranger Matthew Brady. The player investigates the escape of Brady from the penal colony at Macquarie harbour, follows Bradys' trail and captures him. The game incorporates goverment data by placing the actual convicts from the records in the game with the currect names and posters advertising about escaped convicts. Some of our data was not in a data base of in a queriable form. We had to extract it manually from old record image files. 

The game is for people who want to learn about some of the historical events from the convict era. 


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