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Like Tinder, but for the NZ flag submissions! Simply swipe left or right to indicate if you like the flag displayed. Flag images are scraped from the official gallery [here].

The aim of this app was to make the flag discussion more interesting and to find out which submission is the most popular

food rate new Zealand wanganui

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food rating

Wanganui, New Zealand  food grading was released for the 2015 New Zealand Wanganui govhack. Our idea was to make a self managing online restaurant rating, and using google maps to locate the restaurant .


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NZ Flags!

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The project we have created is an app which allows users to view general statistics on the New Zealand flag submissions. Our app displays the flag designs as submitted by the public, as well as key statistics; such as common colours, shapes and trends used.


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DataDecks is a multiplayer card game that is played online. Players are rewarded for having knowledge of their country and its people. To start, it will be focused on data about regions of New Zealand from the 2013 census, historic weather and 2014 MP election, with the project being designed to allow easy expansions based on other datasets.

The project is powered by a Node.js server and uses WebSockets to communicate with a mobile-first frontend.


What's next?

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Introducing What's Next

What’s Next is a digital service that supports a high school student’s decision-making by guiding them through the different options. 

Why we decided we needed to make What's Next

Deciding what to do after high school is difficult and made harder due to a lack of helpful support. 

Everyone around has an opinion but this can make things complicated.

There are a lot of resources available but few are up to date or easy to use.

My Vote

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Team My Vote

To develop an electronic voting system.

There is currently a large proportion of enrolled New Zealand citizens (over one million) who did not manage to vote. The point of the electronic voting application is to enable and encourage those who did not vote in the last election to participate in the next election; simutaneously to provide a set of tools for separate voting problems like the flag referendum.

The data to be used: past enrollment and voting data; 

Guardian Angel

Your Guardian Angel
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Ball is Life

Our Web, IOS, and Andriod application gives location based statistical mapping of crime. We really wanted to target people who are in a new environment in New Zealand. From New Zealanders touring the country to overseas visiters.  When you're from a certain town you know through word of mouth which areas to stear clear of or be careful in. This information is not readily available to visitors to an area. When looking through the datasets we found a dataset from the nz police with location based crime statistics across all of New Zealand.

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