NZ Flags!

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The project we have created is an app which allows users to view general statistics on the New Zealand flag submissions. Our app displays the flag designs as submitted by the public, as well as key statistics; such as common colours, shapes and trends used.

The motivation for our app was the significant debate on flag designs in New Zealand spurred by the fact it looks too similar to the Australian flag. This has often created confusion and the government suggested changing the national  flag. The general public  can submit different designs to the government flags website. At the time of writing this, there are over 5000 submissions.

The purpose of our app  is to provide a convenient display of both the flags and general statistics about the flags. Flag data is scraped from the New Zealand Government's Flag website and processed using R, in collaboration with the 2013 census data. The information is then displayed to the user using the application.

We desinged our app to appeal to all audiences. That is the general public, who simply want to view submissions, as well as people who are interested in where the submissions come from, and what shapes/colours people are generally interested in.

In the future, we would like to include voting functionality; which would allow users to vote on flags to determine which shapes and colours the public has a general preference for. We would also like to implement a colour analysis algorithm; as the one we developed over the weekend wasn't efficient enough to be included in the final project.


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We employed the 2013 New Zealand Census Population data (2013 Census Usually Resident Population Counts) and the New Zealand Flags Data (URL:

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