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Introducing What's Next

What’s Next is a digital service that supports a high school student’s decision-making by guiding them through the different options. 

Why we decided we needed to make What's Next

Deciding what to do after high school is difficult and made harder due to a lack of helpful support. 

Everyone around has an opinion but this can make things complicated.

There are a lot of resources available but few are up to date or easy to use.

Planning the future should be an exciting time but instead for most people it’s confusing, fustrating and stressful.

Many students end up taking the next step without feeling like they’ve made a decision about what they want to do.

The core features

What’s Next is designed to be easy to use and acts as a guide to the student while allowing them to maintain control over their decisions.

Students begin by simply selecting a subject area that they are interested in and What's Next will show them what the different options available are without overloading them with information or pushing advice.

The data sets we used

The data sets we used were the 2013 Census data from Statistics NZ and the job and tertiary indicators table sourced from the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment.

Moving forward

We want to optimise What’s Next by,

  • Continuously building on the number of jobs.
  • Finding new ways to make the available data more accessible, engaging and easier to use.
  • Bringing in more data sets to increase the valadity of our information.
  • Engaging the relevant government departments and private sector organisations to get our service out into the world. 


Datasets Used: 
Jobs and Tertiary Education Indicator - http://www.dol.govt.nz/services/LMI/tools/jtei.asp 2013 Census Data - http://www.stats.govt.nz/Census/2013-census.aspx

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