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Our Web, IOS, and Andriod application gives location based statistical mapping of crime. We really wanted to target people who are in a new environment in New Zealand. From New Zealanders touring the country to overseas visiters.  When you're from a certain town you know through word of mouth which areas to stear clear of or be careful in. This information is not readily available to visitors to an area. When looking through the datasets we found a dataset from the nz police with location based crime statistics across all of New Zealand. We thought that this data was extremely valuable for its potential to help keep people in New Zealand safe. Our  App, on first loading will locate your current location through use of the googlemaps API. We then use this information to cross reference with a server held database we created with this police crime statistics data. The app then tells you about crime in your area. It also attempts to break this data down into more understandable numbers for a not so statistically literate audience. Also the user can search for a location within New Zealand. The app then shows a map of that location, as well as all the relevant statistics for that area. So not only can you check your safety in your current location, also you can look forward to where you are visiting and view the statistics on that location. Our app is not about trying to put a negative light on New Zealand and crime within certain areas of New Zealand. It just seems pointless to have this information and not use it in a way that can help keep people within New Zealand safe. It is more about informing, not so they won't visit an area, rather that they can be prepared and know what cautions they should take when they do visit. the categories we are entering are the following: Best Data Journalism Hack, Best Entrepreneurial Hack, Best Student Team, and Best Open Government Data Hack. 

Firstly I'll explain our rationale for Best Student Team. We are both students and we were passionate about this idea. We went at it alone, just two of us. This number appeared to be far below the average team size, but as students we viewed this as an oppurtunity to learn a lot of diverse skills. We embraced this student underdog position and we feel as two Students who came to learn we have developed an intrigueing concept into an amazing application on multiple platforms.

Best Entreprenurial Hack. This idea has a vast target market. New Zealand has one of the highest rates of crime against tourists in the world. But tourists like to view New Zealand as a very safe place, which for the most part it is. This app would help tourists experience only the very best of New Zealand leaving them with nothing negative to take away. We would view in the future hopefully getting some sort of working partnership with Tourism NZ and would probably base our sales model on a few day trial of the phone application and then a one off sale price for the phone application, while leaving the website free to use. this however is not the only target market, anyone interested in statistics in New Zealand can use this app to find advance crime stats about any area in New Zealand with full transparency. Also every New Zealander is at some point a tourist in another part of New Zealand. We also believe that it would be possible in the future, with enough work, to get these statistics for multiple countries and attempt to target a global market. One of prospective sales idea is having unlockable advanced statistical analysis services for a possible on off fee or subscription price, that turn the data into more advanced statistics for

Next is the Best Open Government Data Hack. This application takes these advanced crime stats that have been sitting there contributing no great value to society outside of the Ministry of Justice and the Police departments. As citizens this data should be available to us. But not only available, it should be in a format everyone understands. It is easy for people who are adept at handling statistics to break down large tables of various columns. This is not so for the average New Zealander. We saw many other groups conglomerating data sets. This too in our opinion did not give New Zealanders insight into the core fundamental government statistics. Instead they tried to conglomerate them into some other arbitrary number or table that again means very little to your average person. This app takes this dataset and simply puts it into a user friendly environment allowing everyone access to the data but in a form that is easier to understand, everyone has used google maps before, everyone understands the meaning of a total crime number and then understands how we break it up into different types of offences. This is what we wanted, andI feel like this is what the core idea of GovHack was; bringing unused government data to the people. I feel we achieved this to a high standard. 

The final category we have nominated our project for is Best Data Journalism Hack. Data journalism is defined as using the disciplines of statistics, design, and computer science to take raw statistics and use them in a way to tell a journalistic story. This app takes these raw numbers and uses them to tell numerous stories. The story of each victim of crime is often left unheard. This app takes these stories and uses them to help inform. Then these individual stories of victimisation are grouped up and overlayed on this map giving an insight into the story of crime within an area. Also covered under the heading of Data Journalism are Data Visualisation and Interactive visualisation. This application achieves both of these.

This current app is only a working proof of concept for what could be a much greater tool. The data we used was taken from a police application which provides up to the hour police call-out information. For them to be able to do this there must be some underlying API we could use also, that as of right now is hidden. Our app is also restricted by the use of a free server and its restriction on data size. With funding we could increase the size of the database held by the server and also tap into this police API in order to give hour by hour real-time information on crime filtered by location. We could then also give the user more options for filtering the data: hour by hour, month by month, all violent crime, the list goes on and on. All the other emergency services in New Zealand have similar call-out recording systems, so in theory it would be possible to extend this app to give real-time information on all emergency service activity via location. How far it is possible to take this application is only limited by our imaginations. All in all our idea at its core is to increase the safety of everyone in New Zealand.

Datasets Used: 
We used police call out data gathered from: This link provides police call out data with in depth information about location and crime type from the past 24 hours. We used the real data of police call-outs that happened in the 48 hours we were at GovHack. We'd also like to thank Google, we used their googleMaps API and it wouldn't of been possible without them.

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