Safe Way 2 Go

Safe Way 2 Go
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Hippo Creative

More and more people choose walking or cycling instead of driving, however, there are over 2,000 children bicyclists injured since 2005 and over 16,000 road accidence happened last year in South Australia.

To keep road safe for everyone, share the road equally, we create this application to help public find the best route to walking or cycling.

How it works:

Step 1. Plan Routes

•Plan the best three routes based on the start/end point•Calculate the travel time and distance based on the Google map API


Step 2. Calculate the Safe Route Points

•Check the streets, roads included in each route•Setup the score based on the Road Crash data•Combine with the weather situation•Combine with the Traffic Signals data•Combine with the Walking Trails or Footpath availability•Combine with the Bike & Pedestrian Paths availability•Calculate the Final Safe Route Points


Step 3. Display Result

•The routes has been marked with Green, Yellow and Red based on the Safe Route Point  It will also tell user the money they saved, Calorie burned, and carbon dioxide emissions reduced. Video links here: 

Datasets Used: 
Local datasets (South Australia) Injured Bicyclists Under 16 Years of Age Road Crash data Road Crashes in SA Traffic Signals Bike Racks Bike Routes Bike and Pedestrian Paths South Australian Parks – Features and Facilities Park Land Path Ring Route Burnside Walking Trails Office for Recreation and Sport Trails - Walking, Cycling, Horse Riding Recreational Trail Routes Footpaths in the City of Port Adelaide Enfield Adelaide Metro General Transit Feed National datasets (Australia) South Australian Road Crash Statistics Tasmanian Crash Data Road Deaths Australia - Monthly Bulletins Ballarat Bike Racks Glenorchy City Council Mountain Bike Park Tracks CityCycle Stations – Brisbane City Council Geelong Footpaths Ballarat Footpaths ACTION Bus Service GTFS Feed (ACT) Launceston Metro Routes & Timetables Hobart Metro Routes & Timetables Burnie Metro Routes & Timetables Industry, Science or Research datasets Australian food nutrition database Australia car running costs Car emissions Carbon neutral driving Weather

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