Safer Cities and Roads

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Motor Accident Commission and Data to Decisions CRC
Eligibility Criteria: 
Concepts must use at least one dataset published on the Data.SA open data portal

Prize: $2,000 worth of Hardware, Gadgets and vouchers
This category is about using data to make safer cities and roads. Could your idea save lives by helping people make more informed choices about road use and safety. Can you increase awareness of the importance of road safety or safer cities for everyone?

Bike Safe

Bike Safe Logo
Team Name: 
Luke & Josh

BIKE SAFE - helping kids find a safe bike path to school.


There are plenty of great reasons for kids to ride their bikes to school. The national Ride to School Day people say.


·         Riding to school helps students feel fresh and alert at the beginning of a school day.

DRIVE - Driving on Road Information for Vehicles

Team Name: 

DRIVE is a website designed to be easily understood by the masses.

The website currently contains 3 pages, Home Page, Fatalities and Roads. These pages combined contain information about safety, road tolls plus quick facts, roads, maps and reviews.

Search engines are found throughout the website, allowing people to find specific data.

Maps provided by Google Maps are simple, yet inform the public  about roads. This includes surface, distance and traffic. On this same page, members of the website can review roads, also giving a star rating out of five.

Walk By WiFi

Team Name: 
Drew's WiFi

Walk by WiFi. Is an interactive application developed Drew Hutton for the GovHack Data unleashed competition in mount gambier.

This application has been developed for the general community in need of data when out and about. In order to achieve this kind of functionality a couple of data sets were necessary to use, these included the “Adelaide Free Access Point Locations” dataset and the Australian beau of statistics “Characteristics of Internet Access”.

The Application has been developed for multiple platforms including iOS and Android systems,

SafestRoute - QR Marketing

Team Name: 
Mitch, Trent and Brian


Team Name: 



FireSA is a fire safety application that alerts you when a bushfire occurs and gives you directions to the nearest bushfire safety zone in your area.

Our data:

Suburb Safety

Team Name: 

Our project,Suburb Safety, aims to display,in and easy to read format, the different level of crime rates per South Australian suburb and the chance of it happeningto you. We designed and built this project for many people but mainly for those who are interested or concerned about the chance of crime in their area. Over the procces of the projects construction we have used many peices of data, but mainly the Crime Mappers 2007-2011 dataset. We re-used this data mainly through compiling it and making it more accessible

Phafe App

Phafe APP
Team Name: 


Phafe Just one more way your PHONE can keep you SAFE.

Every year thousands people are involved in accidents relating the use of mobile phones. What if we could change that? 
What if instead of a hazard we could use the mobile phone capabilities to reduce accidents, by completely rethinking the way we drive and focusing on safety.

Car safety

Sting like a tracker hacker
Team Name: 
tracker hackers

There are more car accidents every day and its becoming more deadly on the roads. This app will inform road users about what roads are safer then others and how to reduce their risk of accidents.

  • it informs road users what road is safer 
  • it tells you how to reduce the risk of accidents 

Penny Parking

One tap to park, one tap to go
Team Name: 

We are creating a parking app which will help to streamline public car parks and payments. We will achieve this by negotiating a continuous 'pay as you go' system for public and kerbside car parks which would be incorporated into in-app payments and parking inspector's data so no need to carry petty cash in your car; it also means that you're not paying for unused time. In addition, we'll have a buddy system, similar to Uber, which notifies users when other users are about to leave parks close to their destination.

datasets: on street parking data

Safe Way 2 Go

Safe Way 2 Go
Team Name: 
Hippo Creative

More and more people choose walking or cycling instead of driving, however, there are over 2,000 children bicyclists injured since 2005 and over 16,000 road accidence happened last year in South Australia.

To keep road safe for everyone, share the road equally, we create this application to help public find the best route to walking or cycling.

How it works:

Step 1. Plan Routes

•Plan the best three routes based on the start/end point•Calculate the travel time and distance based on the Google map API



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