Discover the Beauty of South Australia

Supported By: 
The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources 
Eligibility Criteria: 
Concepts must use at least one datasets published on the Data.SA open data portal

Prize:$2,000 worth of Hardware, Gadgets and vouchers
This category is all about Nature Tourism. Discover the tranquillity, diversity and natural wilderness of South Australia. Visit beautiful parks, marine parks and gardens. See rare and amazing wildlife in amazing locations and world heritage sites. Your concept should help people connect with South Australian Nature and enjoy the beauty of South Australia.


Team Name: 
Old Hacks

Our GovHack project allows end-users to create photomosaic images from photographic datasets avaiable on the Data.SA open portal.  This is a visually dynamic way to showcase the thousands of images available to view and gives the user an opportunity to display these photos in a fun and engaging way.

Local Promoter

Team Name: 

Our team wanted to create a project that can help ensure a prosperous and bright future for South Australian business and local business across the nation.

So we’ve been working tirelessly over the past 44 hours to bring to you our exciting new platform called Local Promoter.

Just Add Water

Team Hactory, Just Add Water
Team Name: 

Project Name:  Just Add Water

Team: Hactory



South Australia and Australia are surrounded by beautiful and pristine coastline providing a heaven for people to explore and Discover the Beauty of South Australia and enjoy the riches of our beautiful ocean. South Australia is also now being recognised nationally and internationally as a game fishing destination for Bluefin tuna  and other species.

Adelaide's Attractions

Team Name: 
The Nexgen Musketeers

SafestRoute - QR Marketing

Team Name: 
Mitch, Trent and Brian

City Outdoors

City Outdoors
Team Name: 

We're OutsideIn, a team of students (Brendan Bachmann, 17, Caleb Bachmann, 15, and Jess Leaver, 15), that came together at N3XGEN Unleashed Mount Gambier. Our entry is City Outdoors, an app that helps and encourages residents, visitors and workers in the Adelaide CBD to find and utilise outdoor public spaces.

The app is powered by the following datasets:


Red sinking ship
Team Name: 

We are a team of 3 people that decided to build a website to show people ship locations and the history behind that ship. We focused on around 6 ships (down from around 700) for a proof of concept. We made a web site showing the location of these ships with pictures of the ships as well and a page for each ship with a brief summary of the ship, we did this using 3 data sets, one for the locations, another for photos of the ship and another for another picture. We sourced some information from books as well.


Team Name: 



FireSA is a fire safety application that alerts you when a bushfire occurs and gives you directions to the nearest bushfire safety zone in your area.

Our data:


Team Name: 
CMU Tartans

We have created an application that helps users view their electricity, water and gas consumption in a single platform. They can view their consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly or a quarterly basis. Our application will also notify the user of the early bird discount options on their phones and make the necessary payments securely.


Team Name: 


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