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Old Hacks

Our GovHack project allows end-users to create photomosaic images from photographic datasets avaiable on the Data.SA open portal.  This is a visually dynamic way to showcase the thousands of images available to view and gives the user an opportunity to display these photos in a fun and engaging way.

The resulting mosiac image piques the observer's curiosity and pulls them in to inspect the embedded images and can help to increase levels of  engagement in the subject matter.   Can be used to help bring focus / attention in an otherwise info cluttered environment (eg expos, conventions, community events).

To demonstrate our concept we decided to commerate the 100th anniversary of Galliopli by using the following dataset  to populate an image of the forgotten soldier and the ANZAC Day logo. 

To acheive this we have used a Chrome browser plugin "downFlickr" to batch download the images from the Flickr set, which are then imported into "Mazaika Lite"  to populate the required mosiac image.

Our aim would be to license the software or to develop a mosaic plugin.  An option to make it commercially viable could be to allow users to purchase the image they create and even have it printed onto different mediums (eg canvas, t-shirt, hat, poster or material of choice).

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