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South Australia and Australia are surrounded by beautiful and pristine coastline providing a heaven for people to explore and Discover the Beauty of South Australia and enjoy the riches of our beautiful ocean. South Australia is also now being recognised nationally and internationally as a game fishing destination for Bluefin tuna  and other species.

‘Just Add Water’ brings boaties, divers, surfers, nature tourism seekers and regional communities together to discover the Marine Beauty of South Australia. Its also allows  ecotourism operators and related service providers to showcase their services. It also enables the use of crowdsourcing to monitor our fish stocks and the health of our Marine environment and use crowdsourcing to highlight and promote the unique natural beauty of South Australia.

Just Add Water is more than a tool. It is a digital ecosystem that brings people from around the World to experience the unique pristine natural beauty of Australian Coastal areas.

SA needs a way to create regional tourism jobs by creating a demand for services in these regional areas. Just Add Water does this by using crowd networking to bring more people to regional coastal areas and promoting regional tourism service businesses.

There are many international and national visitors who do not know how to discover marine Beauty of South Australia.

In addition there are many people locally, nationally and internationally who are interested in the marine environment who do not have ready access to a boat or local knowledge, but are prepared to chip in and help if given the chance to discover the Jewel in the Crown marine delights of our beautiful state.

Also there are many recreational boaties with boats that sit on their driveways because of a lack of crew. At the same time, many locals have a rich wealth of regional knowledge who would love to share their knowledge and experience with travellers and visitors.


The solution is to provide a platform for people to achieve this by matching people with boats, people with local knowledge and regional tourism operators and businesses with international, national and local, visitors.

The AQUA MATE tool provides boat owners, fishermen, divers, surfers and others critical information that keeps them safe on the water. This includes the locations and links to photos of boat ramps, locations and links to live boat ramp camera feeds and the location of marine parks. The marine chart is a detailed chart of the ocean floor and includes critical information in relation to depths, hazards, reefs, lighthouses and navigation aids.

The ROAD PLANNER tool helps you determine the best route from where you are to a regional location, the distance and approximate time to get there, together with real time traffic conditions.

The SPECIES tool displays Marine species and locations, using data from the Atlas of Living Australia, which is based on information from many sources, including the CSIRO.

The FIND A BUDDY tool allows boaties and people with local experience to be matched with divers, surfers, nature tourism seekers wanting to discover the Marine Beauty of South Australia.

The Tours and Services section allows  ecotourism operators and related service providers to showcase their services and connect with international, national and local visitors.

The Technical Build

All the tools on the platform are integrated and displayed using the Wordpress Content Management System, which is open source and runs on an Apache, Linux, Mysql and PHP stack.

The AQUA MATE tool and SPECIES tool utilises local and national data-sources which have been reworked using a range of tools, including Google Fusion Tables, and Google My Maps.

All mapping and trip planning uses the Google mapping API and the detailed marine charting utilises the Navionics API.

Team Collaboration

The Team worked on multiple projects and collaborated and built the solution using the Slack, Trello, Google Drive, Google Application toolsets.

The Team used an Agile (in the extreme) to manage the multiple streams of creativity and delivery delivered across all of our projects.

Datasets Used: 
1. Crustaceans species, Fish species, Molluscs species: (source: www.ala.org.au) 2. South Australian Boat Ramps http://data.gov.au/dataset/af1b8d1c-a186-4e72-8e9e-549a8065e970 3. South Australian Jetties https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/jetties 4. Ship Wrecks https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/shipwrecks 5. Marine Parks(https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/marine-park-network-boundaries, https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/marine-park-zoning) 6. Shore Based Fishing (https://data.sa.gov.au/data/dataset/shore-based-recreational-fishing) 7. South Australian Camera Live Feeds (http://www.dpti.sa.gov.au/latest_news/web_cameras) 8. South Australia Boat Ramp and Jetty Photos (http://www.dpti.sa.gov.au/recboatingfacilities/jetty_locations/yorke_and_mid_north/stenhouse_bay) 9. Species Data Mashup - The Atlas of Living Australia (Various CSIRO etc..) (http://www.ala.org.au/species-by-location/ http://regions.ala.org.au/States%20and%20territories/South%2520Australia#group=Crustaceans&subgroup=&from=1850&to=2015&tab=speciesTab) 10. Australian Bureau of Metrology MetEye (http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/meteye/) 11. Google Maps API https://developers.google.com/maps/ 12. Marine Charts API - Navionics 13. National Data -Various National data sets from (http://www.nationalmap.gov.au/)

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