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NextMove – your safe bet for relocating!

NextMove helps people finds suitable places (suburbs) to live based on the priorities of their perferences.

As international students and professional migrants ourselves, we have experienced first-hand how daunting moving to a new state, let alone a new country can be.

NextMove can be used to help people with different background, such international students, families, and/or working professionals  moving interstate as well as potential business investors.  It makes this transition process more smoothly based on the user's preferences or profile.

NextMove is an interactive and responsive web application.   It accepts users preferences for their ideal places to live in the order of their priority The application will return the result on a map, ordered by suburbs and annotated with precentages matched.  Different shades of the same colour would represenet different categories.  Users can zoom in further to find out more about the suburb's profile.  This would help users make a more informed decision on their next place to move into.   

Some of these geographic data are used for overlaying on the map, other are used to allocate scoring for the weighting of the variables to be used for ranking. The key intelligent of this application is based on the ranking of the variables (i.e Educations, or Transportation) and the order of the user's priority to calculate percentage matches for the suburbs. 

The scoring  algorithms can be refined over time with the domain experts to make the search functions more intelligent and powerful.  Also, more relevant data sources would add better heuristics.

NextMove use a vast range  of geographic data, for the visualisation of the data on a map, as well as supporting the advance analytics.  The datasets used are mainly from the government open data (e.g. education, transportation, parks, events, utilities, air quality indicator, historical information about places) but for the sake of our demo, we have considered the following data sets for our proof of concept:

Various city councils such as Adelaide, City of Port Adelaide Endfield, City of Burnside, City of Salisbury, City of PlayFord, etc

  • Park land data  

Department of Planning Transport and Infrasture

  • Public Transport Services,
  • Adelaide Public Transport Stop Data,
  • generalise land used  
  • suburb boundaries
  • Adelaide MetroCard Validation

SA Police

  • Expilation Notice Data


  • School Enrolments
  • High School Zones

SACE Board

  • SACE Completition rate

Department of Communication – Australian Government

  • Area
  • Availibility


Potentially this application can be used by international students to find other international students or suburbs that are more family friendly.

The commercial potential of this application could be materialised when premium data are incorporated into the application.

Datasets Used: 
Department |Dataset |Format |URL 1) DPTI |Public Transport Services |csv | 2) DPTI |Adelaide Public Transport Stop Data |shapefile (GIS) | Contains public transport stop data for buses, trains and trams in shapefile format 3) DPTI |Suburb Boundaries |shapefile (GIS) | 4) DECD |School Enrolments |csv | 5) DECD |High School Zones |shapefile (GIS) | 6) SACE |SACE Completition rate |pdf |must be requested 7) DC |MyBroadband Centroid Points |csv | 8) Adelaide City Council |Park Land Parks |csv |

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