Bounty: Geoscience Australia data bounty

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Geoscience Australia
Eligibility Criteria: 
use of GA data linked from the GovHack data page

Prize Value $2000

The most innovative hack of Geoscience Australia’s datasets.

Must use GA data linked from the GovHack data page

Postcode Battle (The Card Game)

Team Name: 
Level 6.3

Now you can fight your suburb against that of your friends!

Using our database built from state and national data, we select all the attributes in which your suburb is more awesome than that of your mates. We present them in a easily understandable way. Now you have real data to prove that your suburb is absolutely the most awesomest! Get battling!!


Postcode Battle (Liveability Index)

Team Name: 
Level 6.3

We see open government data as a chance for the government to inform its citizens, and for the citizens to inform the government; as a chance to foster communication and cooperation. In our project, we ask: where is infrastructure sufficient, and where are services lacking? If I want to move to a different suburb, where are my needs and interests best catered for?



Solar Panel
Team Name: 

Solar is a sustainable energy source and an alternative to fossil fuels. The first solar cell was constructed by Charles Fritts in the 1880's. 230 plus years later, energy produced by solar is still a fraction of all energy consumed globally.

Our team chose to create a solar calculator that enables and empowers individuals to make an informed choice to answer the question ‘why’ they should choose to switch based on the financial savings along with reducing their carbon footprint.

Project Naya

Project Naya
Team Name: 

Why do we choose to do it

Many government open-data provides geo-located info useful for disaster relief: real time fire hazard, tide and others. We see that these data can be integrated with mobile phones and other personal devices which has been proven to save lifes.

Project Naya integrate these two source of information to make disater relief efforts.

Who uses it and what does it do for them.

To the disaster relief efforts:

Emergency KitApp

Team Name: 

Australia is unfortunately a home of number of disasters, disasters that often causes humongous losses to the Australian community.

Other than being resilient, foreseeing the disasters has been show to be the most efficient way to prevents deaths and losses.

Wouldn’t it be great if there  was an app the would :

Fire and Water Australia

Team Name: 
Fire and Water Australia

A mobile app which helps the fire department and locals combat fire by locating live fire areas and the nearest water catchment/reservoirs.

Data used are from:

Geoscience Australia

1. Sentinel Hotspots

Department of Communications

2. National Map (Government open data)


Synergising Synergies for Sitizens

Dashboard Analysis
Team Name: 
Sitizens Synergising Synergies


Our idea was to answer a simple question for Synergy, how can we work out which suburbs are best-placed for rooftop solar investment? Or, looked at another way, which suburbs will generate enough solar to power themselves and generate a net positive for the grid?

We can answer this question by looking at two aspects:

  • Total Suburb Generation Potential


  • Total suburb consumption

This will give us our Total Suburb Contribution.


To work out our Total Suburb generation potential, we had to work out:


Team Name: 

AusQuakes is an earthquake visualisation tool.

It helps the public and organisations easily see where past quakes have occurred and their magnitude, allowing better planning of potential future events.


#oncountry links you to an interactive map of national indigenous stories
Team Name: 


To increase the communication of positive stories about Indigenous people and encourage the Australian public to celebrate and interact with Indigenous culture. 

What is it?

An interactive map of national Indigenous stories.

What does it do? 

The tweet #oncountry will be featured on livefeed. 

The map will showcase data including ABC 's online photo stories and aboriginal heritage.

SA Treasure Hunter

Team Name: 


What do four programmers, a digital artist, and a GIS specialist have in common?

They love sunken treasure!

Join us on a journey into hist-yarrrrr-y and find all of the sunken wrecks around South Australia's coasts and rivers.

Fun for all ages.





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