Best use of HCC data

Supported By: 
Hobart City Council
Eligibility Criteria: 
Must use HCC data

The most innovative, complete and interesting use of data release by HCC.

Drains and Dragons

Drains & Dragons
Team Name: 
Drains and Dragons


A mobile augmented reality game using local government datasets to create a simple 'Dungeons and Dragons' hack and slash fest.  This is about raising awareness of bins as public assets.

Game Play

Connect to the game on your mobile device. As you walk around your area you will notice 'points of interest' appear on the map. Clicking on one of these will reveal the monster lurking at that point. What you do then is up to you (Fight, Flee or Find out more)


Talk Gov To Me

Team Name: 
We are not statistics

Talk Gov To Me is 41st Degree Software's submission for GovHack 2015.

Users access Government data through a mobile app, using voice recognition to query a mash up of Open Government data-sets made available for the GovHack 2015 competition.

Talk Gov To Me then responds to the query, using text to speech, to speak directly to the user.


Arty logo
Team Name: 

Our team has implemented the Tap web and ios interfaces to the Hobart city council data  loaded into tap-cms on a Ubuntu 14:04 nectar instance built for GovHack2015, after the competition started , particularly allowing people on the street to find and recognise and understand the art works catalqued by Hobart City Council.

Team Name: 

Bustaz revisited

in 2014 we partial completed this hack, The system was subsequently lost in a nectar upgrade.  With little to go on we have reserected it, with DEM and metro routes and hopefully some bike tracks.

The issues were the many changes in OTP , java dependancies and configuration issues, the git source had to be modified, mostly in pom.xml as locatios of gtfs-lib had changed.

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