Best use of Data for Sydney Water customers

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Sydney Water
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Use Sydney Water Dataset and/or any other Government open data

Winner - $2,000 Runner-up- $1,000


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I'm a student of data science that can't code. I wanted to join some data sets together to inform the public about NSW local government areas (LGAs). The visualisations have been created using tableau public which means anyone can access the underlying work books and, for those that don't, the data sources are all accredited and linked to for direct access.

Sydney Water Dashboard

Sydney Water Dashboard
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Sydney Water released some data specifically for GovHack15. This data consisted of Excel spreadsheets. I decided to take this data and present it in a visual dashboard. It's designed for both internal Sydney Water users, as well as the public to see various aggregate statistics about water usage, outages and water quality.

Care Factors

Heart with a heart rate monitor in the middle
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Social Hackers

We know that you care about the environment (or you know you should). You probably already recycle... when it's convenient. You sometimes take the bus, you're already a shower ninja, you know that worm farms are a real thing, and somehow maybe we should all  be panicking about something.

But how do you know if all the little things you're already doing are making an impact? 

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