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I'm a student of data science that can't code. I wanted to join some data sets together to inform the public about NSW local government areas (LGAs). The visualisations have been created using tableau public which means anyone can access the underlying work books and, for those that don't, the data sources are all accredited and linked to for direct access.

The end-product is a website that presents the various data mash-ups. The design emphasis on the site is to entice users to interect with the maps. For them to hover on areas of interest for more information rather than cluttering the page with too many numbers. Each of the maps also have tools that allow for zooming in and out and dragging different areas into focus.

To render maps in tableau and provide LGA based information, a graphical data tool KNIME was used to join the data sets by LGA to post code. Wix presents the tableau hosted visualisations in a website.

This project makes use of a variety of New South Wales data sources, including population and its projections, Water usage, air conditioning running times, and housing remtal and sales prices.

I hope by watching the video people will understand that it is becoming easier and easier for everyday poeple to access and present government open data in compelling and informative ways.


Datasets Used: 
[1] NSW Gov Housing NSW Rent and Sales Tables [2] Australian LGA to postcode mappings with PostGIS and Intersects [3] Sydney Water consumption by LGA [4] NSW Planning and Environment Population projections by LGA [5] Air conditioner location running hours

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