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Danju and Friends

ViewPoint is a a web application that analyses the topics discussed in an article and analyses the public's opinion of those topics.

ViewPoint is an sentiment analysis software aimed at journalism and news data.
In simple terms, this means that, using the ABC Regional News dataset, ViewPoint is able to read an article on the internet, 
and determine whether it is written positively, or negatively. For example, an article on a natural disaster would likely 
be considered negative, based on the language being used in the article. On the other hand, if the article is about a 
new medical advancement, it would likely be considered positive. ViewPoint smartly turns this sentimentality in to a number
between 5 and minus 5.

However, we figured that this information on its own is not that exciting, it doesn't have any emotion to compare it to, 
and there was no context. So we decided to go out to the public, and see how THEY feel about the topics in the article.
Using the keywords in the article, ViewPoint searches twitter for messages related to the article, and then get's an idea
of how the average user feels about an article's topics.

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ABC Photo Data

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