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Government Open Data

Two months free membership to Fishburners' community bench for each member of the team (up to five members).
Must be a new idea (not done before)
Must be a tech product or platform
Must have the potential to scale


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Danju and Friends

ViewPoint is a a web application that analyses the topics discussed in an article and analyses the public's opinion of those topics.


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What's up doc?

The problem that we wanted to tackle is the unawareness of diseases among the population. We started from the concept that a disease is much easier to prevent than to cure.

The project is to create a user-friendly platform that would bring in meaningful information drawn from the various government research to improve your life expectancy and general health.


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AusQuakes is an earthquake visualisation tool.

It helps the public and organisations easily see where past quakes have occurred and their magnitude, allowing better planning of potential future events.

Sydney Water Dashboard

Sydney Water Dashboard
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Sydney Water released some data specifically for GovHack15. This data consisted of Excel spreadsheets. I decided to take this data and present it in a visual dashboard. It's designed for both internal Sydney Water users, as well as the public to see various aggregate statistics about water usage, outages and water quality.

Gender Equality

Screenshot of Gender Eqaulity
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It is incredibly important to expose equality data.

I've build a data visualisation of gender equality data from the  Workplace Gender Equality Act dataset.


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Team Null


We chose to build ClearGov, to provide government information in a more accessible and transparent format. ClearGov is for citizen journalists, and any member of the public interested in what a politician has said on the record. 

Our Solution

Cute or the Boot?

Cute or the Boot logo
Team Name: 
The Royal Sir Donald Bradman Institute of Patriotic Technology/Mateship™

It’s the question that all of Australia has been asking.  Koala, Cane Toad, Tawny Frogmouth or Taipan?  What is the cutest Aussie animal?  Well this state of the art web app, created exclusively for GovHack 2015, will help Australia find out.  Cute or the Boot is an online popularity contest featuring the cutest critters on the continent.  Utilising the comprehensive database of Aussie animals provided by The Atlas of Living Australia API, it asks you to choose whether a beaut little beastie is cute, or whether it should get the boot. 


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Mystery Team

We are a bunch of professionals passionate about current issues in health care and really want to make a difference in people's life.

We have worked together Dr Smita Shah and Coralie Wales, in Primary Health Care Education and Research Unit and Kim Smyth, Head of Commercial Innovation in a large pharmaceutical company to develop a prioritised list of issues to tackle.

We are determined to offer an engaging way to assist youth in Australia dealing with mental illness, and more particularly depression.

Collections of WW1

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Link Data from various sources using a graph db & explore via a visualization tool...


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