Fire and Water Australia

Team Name: 
Fire and Water Australia

A mobile app which helps the fire department and locals combat fire by locating live fire areas and the nearest water catchment/reservoirs.

Data used are from:

Geoscience Australia

1. Sentinel Hotspots

Department of Communications

2. National Map (Government open data)


Datasets Used: 
Sentinel Hotspots Sentinel is a national bushfire monitoring system that provides timely information about hotspots to emergency service managers across Australia. The mapping system allows users to identify fire locations with a potential risk to communities and property. National Map – The National Map Open Data gives users access to a single platform for Government geospatial data sets, including those from the Bureau of Meteorology, Australian Bureau of Statistics and The geospatial data is visually presented in a map format, enabling users to see the data that they extract.

Local Event Location: